Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Proud mum.

Last night, rather than settle down with my stitching as planned I decided to teach Joe how to play mastermind. Remember that game?

I like to remind my family of how much fun it is to play board games and things like that so there's a bit of balance from the electronic world we live in. Although in all honesty, I'd miss all the gadgets as much as any of them. LOL

So, anyhow, we got sat down and I starrted to explain it. This was a bit more challenging than normal as he's colour blind, so learning and playing a game with colours wasn't the easiest option for him. Bless him, he really persevered with it though and was over the moon when he got the hang of it and actually started to win games!

Go Joe!! I'm so proud of you.



  1. I was always so horrible at that game! But I totally agree with you, there is something so neat about "unplugging" for a while and playing a real board game. My daughter is 4 and a huge majority of the games she plays are electronic. We played a board/card game a few weeks ago and she was absolutely enthralled and couldn't beleive there were no buttons to push!

    How awesome that Joe was able to push through his difficulties and enjoy the game! I imagine that was quite the challenge.

  2. Well done to Joe *claps* that is a big acheivment.
    I still have Mastermind and several other board games. Younger son Richard, and I would have games tournaments in the school summer holidays and the one who won the most games was given a little present by the loser :)usually me, and it wasn't fixed either. We played a lot of Monopoly,Go for Broke and card games and two Waddington's games (remember them :) one called The Business Game, and the other called Careers both of which I had as a child. Happy days :D and long may you both enjoy non electronic games.

  3. Well done Joe.
    We have a good few games that only seem to come out when family come over and we have contests or when theres a power cut.All time favourite though has got to be Frustration,remember that one.

  4. Hi sis! Will put all my comments here. I've been off-line for long, just logged in awhile ago.

    Congratulations to Joe on the mastermind. Oh, how I miss those board games that I used to play when I was a teenager- the scrabble, monopoly, and this, mastermind!

    Hey, you've got yummy treats there sis, please share some with us!

    Your "With faith" is so lovely, I thought it's already finished. And your crochet flowers are cute. Wish we're near each other so you can do all my backstitching and I will assist you in your crocheting. By the way, maybe you can find some help from here sis:


    Happy stitching and have an enjoyable weekend!

    Hugs :-)


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