Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Cushion catch up

It seems ages now that I've been working on these.
That's what comes of just doing a bit here and there rather than getting stuck in and finishing them all before moving onto other things I guess.

Well I'm on the last one now, so I hope it won't be too long before I can declare them all finished!! 

So I thought I would show the ones I've finished to remind us of where I'm up to with them so far. 

Cushion one.

Cushion two.

Cushion three

I meant to take a picture of the one I'm working on, but of course, I forgot!! 
I've been working on these for so long now I can't actually be sure I even like them anymore. 
How mad is that?!!

Anyhow once I've got the final one done, I was going to make a little throw for the back of the settee but I've had a different idea. I'm not sure it will work but once I get started on it, I'll show you but for now at any rate, this is the cushions. 


Friday, 17 October 2014

Holiday catch up.

So I thought it would be nice to show just a handful of pictures from our holiday, just to give an idea of what we did.

We went to an open air 'living' museum called Beamish. We didn't manage to get round it all but the tickets we bought last a year, so we'll be popping back over.
It's very large and we have walked round in the past but this time we used the buses and trams they provide, which made it easier on my mum and D, who we took with us.

Then just a few pictures from the cottage we stayed in 

Living room


Main bedroom ( it was 3 bedroomed)

Small private court yard area. 

Steam train
If anyone has seen the old TV series called 'Heartbeat', this was the local train station they used 'Aidensfield Station but actually a place called Goathland.

Bernie's garage.

This is the pub they use as the 'Aidensfield Arms.

Anyhow, best I ease up on the holiday pictures now, don't want to overload you.
 Must show you though, this is the yarn my mum bought me. It's lovely and soft.

I bought this pattern to use it on. Can't wait to start it now, lol

Oh, and I pulled out my cushions last night and actually made the effort to finish them off at last, so only one left to make.
I'll update you on them in my next post now though.

Take care everyone!!


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Horrible, horrible

I couldn't update while I was away even though I had bought mobile internet for my iPad because the signal was SO bad.
Since returning home, I've had things going on which put everything else on hold.

My diet, which I came off for my holiday, I haven't been able to set my mind to either, so I still have to get myself back on track there, so that I don't end up back where I started. 

While we were away, Joe, my youngest picked up the cold D, who we took with us, had. So he felt pretty rubbish towards the end of the holiday, with a streaming cold.
The thing with him is, that anything he gets, because he has health issues, you need to be careful and he seemed to start to get over the cold once we were home but then suddenly, when a horrible cough came out on him, went down with a smack. High temps, bad chest, coughing, headaches, being sick. It's been quite worrying. 
He's still unwell but I'm hopeful he's starting to improve a bit.

Something else really horrible happened as well.
My eldest son and myself, along with others in our village, have had our cars keyed. 

My son's car

My car

The police came but made it clear they can't do much about it. So annoying and so mindless. 
I really don't get what people get from doing stuff like this.

With my sons car we have just tried to t.cut and paint over it. 
Mine is going through the insurance but it counts against me as a claim. Grrr!!! 

So with that and Joe, it hasn't been a great time. 

That said, it was lovely over in Yorkshire and it was our 27th wedding anniversary while we were away. Steve bought me a sweet little aquamarine ring in the local flea market

And a set of items based around Yorkshire tea which I love.

Of course that meant I couldn't resist making a cute tea cosy complete with pom poms.

So that was something I enjoyed making and it was quick too.

I made a start on the TEAL neck and sleeves. The neck I decided to make like a little roll over as this is too big for me so I have decided I'm going to give it to my mum once I'm done.

I'm working on the sleeves. I've had to take them out once already as they didn't look right so I'm on attempt 2 now

When we went away I took this stylecraft cotton to make a shrug. I started it but I didn't do much on it and now, I'm looking back at it and can't remember what I was doing with it. Oops!! 
Might need to frog it and start again.

Note to self: make notes!!!! 

So I wanted to show you some pictures of my holiday, just a few, but I think I'll have to make another post with them. 

I was so good while I was away and despite visiting lots of yarn, I resisted every urge I had to buy any, telling myself I need to use some of what I already have.
However, my mum insisted on treating me to some plus a pattern as well, for a nice chunky cardigan, so that too will appear on my next post. 

Hope things are good for you all

I'm hoping to catch up with my blog reading now.

Take care!! 


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I think I'm going to brave it

Whenever I've knit a tee or sweater in the past, my mum always picks up the neck stitches for me and then I just knit them.
I've never been able to do it myself, it just doesn't work out well.
It seems to look lopsided almost, I can't get it to sit or look nice.

Well, I have just cast off the front of the teal coloured tee I am knitting and all that's left, apart from the sewing up is to do the neck and arm bands.
So I'm sat here staring at it and thinking to myself that really, I should just try and do it for myself.
I mean, how hard can it be?

I've got to get over this mental block of thinking I'm just going to mess it up and just try!!

(This is TEAL, why can't I ever get the colour to come out as teal???)

I'll be so pleased if I manage it.

So I've decided I'm going to brave it and give it a go. I'll let you know whether I was successful or not.

Take care!!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New page and some bargains!!

So I'm starting to really get more into blogging again and I was thinking I might start to share more on here and not only crafts. I'm not sure yet. At any rate, I made another page on this blog which you'll be able to access from the tab at the top of this post.
My scribbles

It won't be updated regularly, it's more just something I'm just dabbling in and having a bit of fun with at the moment but you're all welcome to have a peek at anytime as long as you remember, I'm no artist, just someone having fun.
I'm not sure how this second page lark works, whether it appears to you as an update, just because you follow this blog or whether it's just there and you'll only ever know if you look. 
We'll just have to see what happens I guess. 

So today I had to take my youngest son to the orthodontist to have his braces tightened and me being me, I took the opportunity to drag him into some of the charity shops as well. 
Well I wanted to get him a little something because it's no fun is it, having them tightened.
That's my story anyhow and I'm sticking with it!! 

All went well, we got him a set of 4 books for 50p each and I was happy to get 2 books I wanted as well for £2.00

In one of the shops was a basket full of yarns!!! 
Of course, I was diving in that with no thoughts of ever coming up for air, lol
I was very restrained though as I'm saving my money really for our holiday coming up but I couldn't resist these two bargains.

Both bags have 8 x 50g balls in and were £4.00 a bag. For the UK, that's a good price!!

Just as we were making our way back to the car I happened to spy a tiny kitchen shop was having a closing down sale, so I dragged poor Joe in with me because for ages now I have wanted to get some little dessert forks for cake or pastries but the ones I was seeing weren't cheap and seeing as it was only a 'want' not something I really needed, I couldn't justify the prices.

So picture my joy as I found exactly what I'd been wanting, sat there, price slashed to £1.25 for 6!!!
I got 12 of them and 12 ice cream/ dessert spoons.

The irony of all this is that seeing as I'm on my diet right now I'm not really eating cake and ice creams so I won't get the pleasure of using these just yet, lol!! 


Monday, 8 September 2014

Going with the flow

So I'm still plodding on with these cushions covers. No clear idea of what I'm doing, no pattern, nothing, just going with the flow.
It's a good job I quite like mismatched things because apart from the colours, they don't look anything like each other at all!!! Lol

So this is the one I'm making at the moment. I'll be putting a matching stripe on the other side of course but I haven't planned ahead any further than that yet.

I made this sort of granny triangle as I was thinking of using this somehow as the flap fastening. Not sure yet.

So onto other things.
I've had to put a word verification on my comment box, which I apologise for but unfortunately I'm getting lots of spam emails, so I'm hoping to prevent them from now on.
It's so annoying.
It's all on one of my older posts and I can't see how to block them. I seem to have blocked the actual comments on my blog but the emails are still arriving thick and fast. I've blocked the sender and the senders domain so it must be changing all the time and it looks like it's one of those computer generated things with links to sites they want you to visit.
Anyhow, I'm hoping this might sort things as it will hopefully stop them being able to access the comments.

Talking of spam, I'm off for a weeks holiday in a couple of weeks time, so I bought some internet allowance for my ipad so that I can spam up my blog with pictures galore, lol

We're taking our youngest son, my mum and an elderly friend of the family that we look after, with us.
So with 2 pensioners, one with heart problems and the other with dementia/ Alzhiemers, I think we will need to have relaxing evenings.
That being the case, I thought it would be good to take along some knitting or crochet or both!! Lol
Most people spend time debating which clothes to take away, me, I'm just like yeah whatever, they'll do. But when it comes to which project/s to take, it's a completely different ball game. Much careful thought and debating with myself is the order of the day. lol

Priorities and all that!!


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's the little things

The things we get excited about must seem SOOOOOO mundane to others.

Today I had taken my mum out to get some shopping and while she was choosing some things she needed I just happened to glance at a small display of sewing things and straight away I was on high alert as my eyes just zoomed in on some needle caps!!!

I have wanted some for awhile but couldn't find them locally in any of the shops you might expect to find them and so had told myself I would need to order online ... but now I had finally come across them and just when I was least expecting to do so.
I was so happy!!!!!!!!!!

Aren't they just so cute!!

Of course the problem now is I just want to keep admiring them.
So I'm not getting much knitting done, lol


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Did you wait?

Well if you did, here as promised are my pictures.

I've carried on with my cushions when I've had a bit of time.
Honestly, these must be the longest drawn out making of cushion covers EVER!! lol

So as you can see I kept the strips of tunisian stitches and then I crocheted round them to make up a square. I then just embellished with a couple of little pom poms in the colour scheme of the cushions.
Looks a bit daft but I have got a thing about pom pom's at the moment for some unknown reason and as I hadn't done the binding off on the top of that strip properly, there was a bit there that needed to be filled in and I decided to go with the pom pom's just for fun!!

Then this is the reverse side. I did a panel of simple stitch (Tunisian) in green and I plan to add a flower or small group of flowers in the middle in the pink/cream colours. It has a flap over top and will either have buttons or snap fasteners. I haven't decided yet, and there are of course all the ends to sew in still as well ... sigh!!

Remember ages back I started to knit two tee's?

Well if you follow my other blog you'll know I've been managing to lose some weight and this resulted in them both being too big for me!!
So I've undone both and I'm now working on one in a smaller size in the hopes by the time I finish it, it will actually still fit, lol
So the back is now finished. Here it is ... TEAL not blue as the picture insists on pretending it is!! haha

As you can see it has different patterns of stitches, triangle stitch, double seed stitch, square stitch and then the top should have been bobble stitch but I changed it to andalusian stitch and there is stocking stitch between the panels as well.

So now onto purchases!!

I got all this yarn from a local charity shop (thrift store I think you say in the US).

I really didn't need it but I just couldn't walk away as it was dead cheap. I just remembered I also picked up some cotton thread as well, so I will try and show that in my next post. Remind me please!! lol

And then we come to the new obsession ...pom pom's!!

I really don't know, maybe it's the fact I hardly made them as a kid or maybe I just like the mindless binding ... I don't know, but there you go ... I'm on a pom pom thing right now!
Anyhow, I digress
I looked around and was shocked at the prices.
In the end I got the ones I wanted, all different sizes but I got them from Hong Kong and the US at a fraction of the cost to buy the same ones here!!

I got different sizes for normal pom pom's and then large and small heart ones as well.

I haven't tried the heart ones yet but the regular pom pom ones are very simple to use.

Hope you are all keeping well. I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading and I have to update my slimming blog as well!!
I'm such a BAD blogger!!

Take care!!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I didn't realise ...

how long it had been since I last posted on this blog!!!

Unfortunately life has got in the way of me being able to get on with my crochet/knitting as much as I would like but I do have a little to show you.
The light is making my yarn a funny colour, so I'm going to try and get more pictures in the morning again. I also want to show a few purchases as well.

So don't go anywhere!!! ... I'll be back in the morning.

Take care


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Cushions and interchangeables

Honestly, life is so busy right now, I just hardly get any time to myself! lol

Today I took my youngest son for his orthadontic appointment and so what with the usual discomfort of having his braces tightened and the fact he has a bad cold right now, he isn't feeling up to doing much, so I'm taking the chance to hop on here and update things a bit.


I remembered to take some pics of the cushions, which sadly are taking forever seeing as I can't get sat to them much.
I haven't got all the buttons sewn on yet but they're done apart from that.

So with the first one, I did a rectangle of granny stripe and then sewed it together with a flap over fastening. I put a small ruffle round in cream.

I can't decide whether to add the ruffle down the sides as well. What do you think??

For this next one, I made two panels, then crocheted them together, which I felt was a nicer finish than the sewn together one above. I then made a shell border in cream. The opening side for this has the shell border on both parts, so that it doesn't matter which way it faces and there will be maybe 3 small buttons to fasten closed.

I keep wanting to put some flowers on as a decoration but I just know that with my family laying all over them they'll just end up looking a crushed mess!! lol

Last year I was given the gift of some money to get something I really wanted. Well I hadn't used it but for awhile now I've been thinking about getting some tunisian crochet hooks as I had a brief try of it, just the simple stitch and really liked it.

Well then I thought about the interchangeable knitting needles I have, which I love to use and wondered if it would be more useful to get something similar in crochet hooks, rather than buy a set of tunisian and then need something bigger if I decided to do a throw or something in that style.

So after looking at many reviews and after debating with myself for awhile, I decided to go for it and ordered these!!

Amazingly they arrived just as I was about to start the next cushion so I thought I would make it a panel cushion again in stripes but this time, I could use my new hooks and make the cushion with them while also practising some tunisian stitches at the same time, lol

So the first stripe (pink) is tunisian simple stitch, then then second one is a twisted purl stitch and the green stripe I'm working on at the moment is a honeycomb stitch, which I think is really pretty.

I'll let you see it as it progresses more of course but that's it so far.

Oh, and here's a look at the hooks and as you can see you also get a little pack with the cables and connectors in.

The missing one is the one I'm using on the cushion at the moment.

So far I love them!!
I've never used a wooden hook before, only ever the metal/aluminium ones, so it was all very new to me and apart from worrying it would snap too easily, which so far it hasn't, I'm really comfy with them already.
It was kind of strange at first though, trying to manoeuvre this suddenly long hook with a cable and stopper attached, but I'm feeling ok with them I think.
It was strange picking up a normal sized hook after though, haha.

Anyhow, that's my quick update, hope you are all well and enjoying this rare lovely weather!!

Take care!!