Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Never seen this before!!

Today I was so excited because my yarn bags (one for me, one for my mum) arrived today, along with a crochet book I bought.
I loved it!!!
That was, I did love it. Then glancing over the packaging I saw something I've never seen before.

It had a warning label on it, California proposition 65.
It says this product can can cancer and birth defects or some thing like that!!

I mean, really???

How can they sell something like that??

I was going to make a post showing my bag, my book and my progress with my projects. Now though, I'm just sat here wondering what to do about these bags ..................


Friday, 18 April 2014

Due to my diet....

I haven't really got a lot done. I've been spending time reading up on things to remind me of what I should be doing.
More about that on my slimming blog though.


I've managed to work a bit on my knitted tee. I also think I might have a picture that looks a little more teal than blue!! Hurrah!!!

I've also started another tee, but in crochet, for the summer and because I'm not sure it will work out right, I've used a pink yarn that if it all goes horribly wrong, I won't mind so much.

It's in a DK yarn and I'm using a 4.5mm hook. So this isn't going to be a quick project by any means, but it'll be nice to see how it turns out and if I like it, I'll get some nice summery colours and try out different stitch patterns, while keeping the basic shape.

Oh, and I swapped some yarn with my mum this week.
I gave her some soft baby yarn I had and also the lilac self patterning one and in return she gave me these!!!

Two large balls of aran. 400g each ball.

It's a green mixed with a little brown. I tried to get a close up for you to see it a bit better.

I'm really pleased with it anyhow.

I've been sorting out my stash as well. I'm not really happy with how I store it as it's in boxes and you can't always see easily what you want, but it keeps it clean and it's at least stored away tidy-ish.
I would love to make it look prettier though.

I ordered a book all on crochet stitches. I'm really excited to get it and hope it comes soon. I thought it would be fun to learn some new stitches. The internet is great but if you don't know the name of a stitch, you can't really look for it.

So I'm thinking I might make some new cushion covers for the living room using some of them. I'm pretty bored with the ones I have at the moment. They're from when I first learnt to crochet a year or so back, so a change would be nice.

My storage bag still hasn't arrived from the US. I know it takes awhile but I'm constantly stalking my postman and it's about time it was here!! LOL

Now I'm going shopping for healthy diet type food. I will cover my eyes when I get to the chocolate section and hope I mange to get passed without anything falling into my trolley!!

Take care


Monday, 14 April 2014

New blog

Today I started a new blog to keep a sort of diary account of my slimming efforts.
If anyone wants to go there to cheer me on and give me encouragement, please do!!

I really need to keep it going and not give up. Hopefully if i get some readers and you comment on there as well, it will help to keep me motivated.
Feel free to give me a shove in the right direction if I start to slip.

If anyone wants to join me, let me know.



I'm trying again to do a link, this time to my blog, I hope it works!!!
My slimming blog

Also, I have added the link back to Mary's blog now in my previous post, so that you can find her lovely coaster pattern.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Show and tell!!

It's been a really busy few weeks and I never seem to get time to sit and update my blog, but this afternoon I was meant to be going out and it hasn't worked out, so I'm taking the opportunity to sit and do it now.

So a quick show and tell about the things I'm working on.

I've undone the Tee I was knitting in the special yarn I bought. The grey stylecraft trendsetter chunky.
I did the larger size in the teal yarn and had to undo it and start again as it was too big on me. So then I thought I should do this one in the next size down too ... too small!!! ARRGGHHH!!!!
My fault for never doing a swatch but always just jumping right in there and plowing on.

Will I learn from this and do swatches in the future?? Probably not. :-/

So anyhow, I made a set of wrist warmers and matching boot cuffs, which I plan to send off to a friend. I had to guess the sizes so I just went for average and hope they'll fit!!

I just put one of each there so you could see it better, but obviously there are two of each really, lol!!
They're made in a neutral shade so that they'll go with any colour she chooses.
Hope she likes them!!

Remember the headbands??

My friend really liked them a lot and has had others commenting on them as well. They look much better on than off.
Anyhow, I gave her 6 in the end. The 5 I showed you previously and this one as well.

It's a purple band with shell edging and a lilac heart which sits to the side.

I've made some progress on the teal Tee I'm knitting. I undid it all and started again! I'm a little further on than this picture. It's almost like a sampler, made of different stitch patterns seperated with st st and reverse st st.
I think it goes, triangle stitch, double seed stitch, square stitch and then the last one is a bobble pattern but I'm going to change that to a stitch pattern I prefer. Maybe andalusian stitch. Very simple but pretty.

This is TEAL. My phone seems unable to accept this and insists on turning it blue!! But it really is teal, lol.

I also tried a quick pattern I saw on Mary's blog at Crochet Crazy. She gave a free pattern for some lovely little coasters and so I decided to have a go!!

They're made in a strange sparkly thread, kept from my cross stitch days. It looks much nicer in real life.
I tried to link to Mary's blog but I don't think I'm doing it right! :( Sorry Mary if you read this.

Edit to add: I think I've worked it out now!!! :)

Mary's Blog

I tried to use the link feature on the dashboard and put Mary's blog address in it, but it never appears on here when I preview it. I hope you can all find it as it's a lovely pattern to try.

I have had two table cloths that needed a little alteration, but I liked them and thought I'd easily sort them. Well I have a sort of fear of my sewing machine, truth be told. So they've waited and waited. In the end I decided to just go for it and I pulled the beast out and set to!!

I ended up with more pin pricks than pores and the silky one was an absolute nightmare to pin!!
The good news is, they're done!!!

One of my friends who loves her machine insists I need to just jump in there and play with it. Hopefully when she feels better she'll come and help me find my way around it a bit more.

Oh one more thing. I ordered a project bag from the US, so I'm really keen for that to arrive. I have no idea what colour it will be, just whatever they send, but I can't wait for it to arrive!!
You have so much better choice than we do here.

Anyhow, that's all I have to show you for now. Now to get back to reading all your lovely blogs and wishing I had your talent!!

Take care everyone.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I mustn't start anything else ... yet!!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged because it's been quite busy here with taking Joe out on trips for his lessons, some things going on with a family friend we look after (he has been diagnosed with alzheimers and dementia) Joe's trip back to get his brace tightened and just everyday life, including the dreaded housework, haha!!

However, I have managed to get a couple of things to show you.

A pair of warm fingerless gloves for an older friend who admired Tom's. I tried to make her's a little prettier for her by adding the flowers on. She chose red for her pair.

I added a flower to the loomed hat, just to make it more feminine. do you think it looks better?

And a friend told me she loves headbands and was really happy when I said I'd make some for her.
Well I sent this pic to her via instagram of five that I've made for her and although she shows as having seen it, she hasn't commented at all, so I hope it's not because she hates them and doesn't like to say!!!!

I do stress a bit making things for others as it's hard to be sure if they're going to love or hate them!!
I had to guess those as well as I had no measurements, so I just made average sizes and hope they'll fit. lol

So as you can see, serial startitus still has me in it's grip, but I have managed a few rows of the jumper in the yarn on the yarn butler. So I comfort myself with that at least, although it's not enough to really show you yet. It's not very much at all if I'm honest. (Blush)

Oh I know what I wanted to ask as well ... has anyone ever used the symfonie crochet hooks and if you have, what are they like?? I was thinking of saving up for a set of interchangeables and those and the bamboo sort look the nicest but having never used either, I don't know which would be best.
I thought it was better to buy interchangeable as they come in useful for tunisian and afghan's. That's in the future though, not anytime soon, so plenty of time to find out about them.

I'm loving using the loom. Has anyone else done any projects on them. I've only attempted the hats so far but I've found I like looming far better than I thought I would.

I am itching to try a baby hat now, but I have had to take myself aside and point to those started projects and I've come to an agreement that I will make myself get some progress to show with at least one of them before I touch anything else!!
well I might touch but I won't actually start, I really won't!!
Oh isn't it hard not to though.

Well that's all at the moment. I hope you are all keeping ok.

Take care everyone.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I've been afflicted ...

With serial startitus!!!

I don't know what's going on with me, I mean, yes, I've been known to have a project or three on the go at one time, but this is taking things to a whole new level!!

So I went away for a week with my family and we took my mum with us to give her a rest ... bad combination!! We were delighted to find some real bargains and there was just no stopping us!!
Well of course, once you have that lovely yarn in your hands, how can you resist???
I couldn't.

So here's a few pictures of my lovely yummy delights and a few also of what I've been doing with it as well.

2 balls of cotton for dish cloths, a 400g light brown aran that I want to do some wrist cuffs and things like that with, a chunky yarn, mix of grey, black and white to do some fingerless gloves for my eldest son and a really soft chunky blue yarn to use on my loom to see how it knitted up as a hat.

So here are the chunky fingerless gloves ... very cosy and warm.

The blue yarn on the loom.

Well at least I got that finished!!! lol

Here's the strange thing though. It appears a chunkier yarn than the first loom hat I made, but it isn't. I can tell by the stitches once I got it off. It's wonderfully soft though.

This yarn is absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with it and I don't generally pay much for yarn if I can help it but this was the exception.
Stylecraft Trendsetter chunky.

I couldn't resist buying it and I couldn't resist starting it either!!
Hopefully, if all goes well, this is a tee style jumper for me.

I couldn't leave these behind!! At 2 balls for £2 it would have just been a crime!!

And yes, I've started on these as well.
The red, green and brown are being turned into a set of apple coasters!! First one completed ...

I've got my eye on a few baby patterns for the pink and white as well but I'm trying to be strong and not go there yet!!

I started this as well. It's another tee style top for me, in a lovely teal yarn, although it's come out blue in the picture!! lol

Does anyone else use a yarn butler? I love mine!!

Hot off the hook, a little thread coaster sized doily. Not blocked yet as you can see. It looks real sorry for itself there, poor thing!!

A few little accessories found their way home with me as well. Some stitch markers, some yarn needles, 2 bargain packs of buttons for decoration (flower centre etc) at only £1 per bag and a crochet hook. It's a clover soft touch. I've never used one of these before, I tend to use metal or aluminium, so this is going to be quite exciting to try.

I also got two little knitting books.

I feel quite shocked myself looking at all this!! I'm SO bad!!

The holiday itself was lovely, although my mum overdid it a bit and did have a quite bad angina attack. She rested the next day though and has been fine since I'm glad to say!!

Hope you are all well.


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Cross stitch dilemma and a loom hat!!

I'm having a clear out of all my stash and hiding at the back is all my cross stitch stash.
I rarely even look at it now.
So I'm wondering, would it be better to just put the lot up for sale?? At least someone would get the use of it. It's just all stuck at the back of my cupboard doing nothing.
I'm trying to decide ...

Cross stitch stash. (The scary part being, I think there's more!!).

One good thing though, I got out my loom and had a play with it and come up with my first project from it. A lovely warm hat!!

It was good fun to do. I think I'll try more with the loom soon.

I've also started another knitting project which I'll show soon and my crochet hooks aren't being ignored either, so more to show from them soon too.

Hope you are all well. Take care.


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