Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Difficult times

Early hours of yesterday morning my mum had a heart attack. I am SO pleased we had insisted on keeping her here with us since her angiogram, as she just hadn't been right but kept thinking she should 'man up' so to speak and go home, but we felt she was better to be with us where we could keep an eye on her. So glad we did!n't let her go! She had been suffering pains from 10:30pm but getting them under control with the spray from the Dr. So was trying to just settle down and rest. However they got really bad and we called 999 and she ended up in hospital. We stayed with her until quarter to 5am then went back again in the afternoon and last night. Think she had another heart attack in hospital and they have been changing her meds around and getting on her new ones to control all sorts of things. So as you can imagine things are pretty mixed up here at the moment. we are now waiting to see what they can do for her to control things. We are praying for stents as the options are either stents or surgery depending on the condition of her heart. She's always been very active though and hopefully that will go in her favour. As to my doily, I'm still going to carry on with the CAL but I'll be much slower with it now obviously. It's been very theraputic to have it to sit with though, here and there. So I won't disappear and will catch up again when I can. Hope all is well with all of you. Take care!! :)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

CAL progress.

Just thought I would quickly update my progress on the CAL. I just finished row 15. So far I'm absolutely loving this pattern, although I must admit, had I just seen it myself, I would probably have passed it over as too advanced for me yet. I did have to rip back one row, due to a silly mistake of my own, just putting an extra chain in for no good reason at all. I'm really pleased with it so far and just hope I can make it through the whole pattern as I really love this design. It's the first time I've ever attempted a pineapple doily. Anyhow, here it is, up to row 15. I'm sorry it's not such a clear picture. I didn't have the flash on my phone turned on. :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

May 2013 CAL

I'm so excited to have joined in on my first ever CAL.

I saw the invitation to join in on Stitchy's blog and just couldn't resist!!!

I don't know whether I'll manage it or not as there might be things I've never attempted before, but that's the way to learn, jump right in and have a go!!!
I'm so excited at this challenge and thank Stitchy Mc Floss for starting it.

I picked up my thread and hook last night and got started.

I'm using a pink #10 thread with a 1.75mm hook as I don't have the hook number required.
I'm really enjoying it, but I have noticed that I can see where I joined it at the end of the rounds, so I think maybe I joined too high up the stitch. I'll try different things as I go along and see what I prefer the look of.
Anyhow, this is it so far, just starting round 9.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Can I blame Vikki???

In the nicest possible way of course!!!

I finished the thread doily I've been working on and looking at it's sadly crumpled state, decided to try to block it with pins and see how it turns out.  I need to find something to pin it to as well.

So off I went, onto Amazon to order the pins recommended by Vikki (Thank you!!! ) and before I knew it, I end up with not only the pins but 3 books on thread doilies in my basket as well!!! 
How did that happen????

I'm really looking forward to them arriving now but I guess it will be sometime next week as we're almost at the weekend already.
I'll  add a picture of the crumpled one to this post as well
It's looking VERY sorry for itself!!!



Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Catch up pictures!!

Aran jumper for Joe, which I almost finished the back and then decided to unravel as I think he has enough jumpers.
14 dishcloths, a mix of knitted and crocheted.
Crochet hat/beanie
A knitted jumper for Joe
A slouchy beanie
Purple hat, with new stitches.
Made 2 chair backs and then unravelled them, but I learnt a nice square stitch pattern.
A thread doily I made for my mum. I really enjoyed it apart from sewing in the tails!!  haha
On my hook at the moment, a thread doily. I started this while I was waiting for my mum in the hospital. It helped to have something to concentrate on.

Well all my patients are asleep right now.
I have my mum with us still, but everyone else has gone down with a bad cold, cough and chills ... sigh!!

Anyhow, while I have half an hour to spare, I've uploaded some pictures to show you all.
I have a little heap of assorted dishcloths.
I've made some with pictures on, such as a dalek, some have patterns or new stitches I learnt, some are just SC or DC and some I used two strands so as to make a nice thick cloth.

The other pictures I've written captions on as blogger won't let me move them round to where I want them for some reason.

I might have forgotten some of the things I've made, it's been so long since I last posted,  but these are the ones I could think of anyhow.

I hope you like them!!

Thanks for looking and take care everyone.


Friday, 3 May 2013


I don't know if anyone still reads this blog or not, but if anyone does, a big apology for not putting up the pictures when I said I would.

Unfortunately things have been a bit difficult here with my own health not at it's best but worse than that, my mum has been unwell and eventually was persuaded to go a Dr and it turns out she is suffering from angina.

I took her for an angiogram yesterday and her arteries don't look good, so they are putting her on some medications and then she will go back for a heart scan and depending on the condition of her heart, either they plan to give her stents or do a bypass.

So I have her here with me at the moment, looking after her.

I have been able to crochet and knit still, so have things to show, it's just getting the time to upload them.
Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon.