Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bargain and another try with crochet.

I love flowers, but rarely buy any because they are so expensive, plus, if I'm honest, I don't like big bouquets ... just a few cut flowers in a vase or jug suit me fine.
This afternoon we went shopping and they had a small bucket with some flowers in marked down.
They should have been £8.00 ... I got them for 80p!

I love bargains!

Obviously, my flower arranging skills leave alot to be desired, but have no fear, I will start to poke around until they look a little more pleasing.


I had another go at the crochet pattern I showed you yesterday as well.

I'm assuming you still need to stretch this even though it's wool?  You can tell I'm clueless about this can't you.  I think I need to google and read up on it a bit.

I have also done a little more on my stitching, but don't have a picture of that to show at the moment. I'm so enjoying that design, it's great to stitch and I think it's looking great.

Later next week we're off to a three day Bible convention. As we stay away for it, I usually take something to do in the evenings in our room.  I have taken stitching previously, but find it a bit difficult to take anything but small card sized projects.  So this year I'm going to just take a couple of balls of different sized wool and a crochet hook as that'll take up next to no room and will be so much easier to manage.
Hopefully I MIGHT even have something to show when I get back ... but I'm not feeling totally confident with my ability just yet!



  1. You did great on your crocheting sis! And I love your motif. Blocking it will make it even more beautiful.

    The flowers are pretty. If you will come here, you'll love it here, because we live very near, in fact just a street away, from the flower center of Manila, where you can find trucks and trucks of flowers!

    Congratulations on your crochet and on your flower arrangement dearest sis :-)

  2. Hey sis, you've got an award, please check my today's post.

    Hugs and love to you :-)


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