Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Update # 2

So while we've been offline, I made the big decision (for me) to get restarted on my diet.
I haven't had the energy or inclination to do anything positive about it, just been whinging and moaning, which is obviously achieving nothing.  One of my friends feels the same and we suddenly decided this was it!

So I'm doing it at home myself. I can't afford to rejoin the slimming club, but I still have the books and so does she, so we can at least encourage each other and we text each other our weekly weight, plus we text to support or encourage through the week as well.

I don't feel brave enough to reveal my start weight but I will say that so far I'm sticking well to the plan (slimming world) and have got through some real moments, when I felt like giving up, successfully.
I have difficulty losing weight because my monthly cycle is changing and I'm feeling ill alot of the month. However, so far, things dietwise aren't too bad at all.

I thought I'd record my weekly weigh in results, for the good or the bad, on here each Monday and that will hopefully also embarrass me into keeping with it!  Feel free to nag me if I start slipping.
With being offline, I've missed the first two, so I'll bring it up to date now.
I'm weighing in stones and pounds.

Weekly weigh in # 1
Lost 3/4 of a pound.

Weekly weigh in # 2
Lost 1 1/4lb

This means I've lost a total of 2lb in my first two weeks, which although not a startling amount, is a massive step forward to me, as I find it hard to lose anything and this was achieved at the worst time of month, after having a chinese (we have a friend staying who treated us ...yum!) and a glass of wine!
They got counted as syns though. I'm keeping a strict eye on syns!

Speaking of which ... my beloved syn tin!

This tin has been the saving of me. Inside are a collection of yummy choccy treats that I can use as syns and sometimes, just knowing it's there and I CAN have it, has helped me not to, unless I syn it. Isn't that weird. You'd think having it there would be dangerous to my diet, but it's just the opposite.

I bought a pack of own brand little milky way type bars and I got a pack of creme eggs that were being sold off at a quarter of the price (YAY for choccy bargains) and my mum bought me a pack of mini creme eggs.

Who wants a peek in the syn tin?

Just a small peek then ... can't you just smell that chocolately yumminess .... MMMMMMmmmmm I can! Delicious. LOL.

Who would have believed diets could be sooooo enjoyable!



  1. Congrats on making a start, it is definitely a hurdle over, and I totally agree, having something naughty in the house that you can eat does mean you don't necessarily want to,because you can :)
    I'll just relieve you of a cream egg(blush)

  2. Getting started can be the most difficult step. Keep up the work and don't be too hard on yourself if you momentarily slip... everyone deserves an off day!

    I can practically TASTE those Cadbury egg's through my computer screen. It's taking all my will power not to go scrounge for chocolate now! LOL =)

  3. Hahaha! There's just something about creme eggs isn't there.

    They seem to be a bit difficult to get hold of at the moment, so I tend to gloat over the tin and when I decide to have one, every single morsel is savoured! LOL



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