Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What were the chances?

On Saturday we took the friend that was staying with us into Cockermouth and while we were there I popped into the ladies.
What did I find there but a bag from the LNS, full of goodies. It's expensive as well, so the person had spent quite a bit of money. There was a gorgeous hardanger pattern, some fabrics, threads, breads and other bits and bobs.
I didn't want to leave it there for just anyone but how to find the owner?

So I decided to take it back to the shop incase the owner went back to see if they'd left it there.

Well I explained what had happened at the shop and they agreed to take it and I said do you remember anyone buying this this morning and one of them said she thought she did.
As we were talking another of the shop assistants (the owner) came over with an older lady and my assistant told her what I'd done. Then she turned to the older lady and said, didn't you buy this pattern this morning and the lady agreed she had, although she seemed a bit vague over it ... but it turns out she was the owner of the goodies!!
How weird was that?

What were the chances of me going there with the bag just as she was back in the shop buying more things?
The weirdest part of all was that she hadn't even realised she'd lost the bag!

So they thanked me and I went off back to meet up with the others to have a sandwich by the river.

Isn't it strange when things like that happen though.



  1. That is amazing,especially as you are a stitcher too:) This lady was very fortunate,sad to say, in this day and age that you are honest. Definitely a good deed done.I hope she will be less vague about what she purchased in the future!! :D

  2. What a wonderful coincidence! She is definitely lucky that you are an honest person. I'm sure the lovely contents of that bag were very tempting! =)

  3. She's very lucky sis that you were the one who found her "forgotten" bag of goodies.


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