Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Back again.

I can't believe it's so long since I last blogged!
Don't you just find the days are whizzing by before you know it right now?
 I've been a bit unwell too, so not as much to show you as I'd like, but I do have a few bits.

First off ... My mobile phone cover!
Steve got me a new phone as mine was pretty old and the camera wasn't too great on it either.
This one has a touch screen, so I wanted to make it a cover but didn't want to pay the price of a bought one.

I looked around the net and found a really cute one of an owl that a lady in Australia was making and selling. So I decided to have a go at making one myself but I did it to my own design, loosely based on what I saw of her one.  I would put a link to her one to show you, but I don't know if it's ok to do that.
Edit to add link:

(Thanks Debi for letting me know it was ok).

I prefer her wings and like the little head bit as well, but thought I had better change mine about and only base mine on her owl cover, rather than do an actual copy of her design.

(or EEEK! if you don't like it!)

That's it complete with my mobile phone inside it.  I made it quite a tight fit as I thought it would give a bit and I don't want it all baggy. I might at some point take the wings off (that's what the triangles are meant to be, if you didn't realise, haha) and make them larger.

Also, I'm glad to say that I've now finished the back of Steve's jumper! I can't tell you how relieved I felt when I cast it off. I'm soooo stupid.
It said on the pattern to cast off in pattern over the next 5 rows, but I cast off keeping to the pattern, forgetting that the pattern actually changed on the cast off row!
So I had to cast all the cast off stitches back on and take the rows back. I ended up dropping stitches and had to call on my mum to rescue me.  (blush).
I was SO pleased to get that off my needles.  I really need to brace myself now to start on the front!

I made my mum's other wash cloth as well, but I just have to do the edgings for her.  This is the sugar n cream cotton yarn which I managed to find on good old ebay! It'll look better once it's edged. :)

I did mean to do a post about my pets as well. So they just might pop up soon.

I hope things are going well with all of you. I'm gradually catching up with your blogs. Lots of lovely things to see, you've all been really busy, I love browsing them and getting inspiration.

Take care everyone!


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another week of not alot!

So how are you all?
It's been quite a busy time here still. I've been working hard with Joe on some lessons and projects and am still getting things organised in our lives generally as well, which means not alot of time for me and so no real updates to show here sadly.

I haven't done alot on the knitting, so that hasn't really grown much from when you last saw it. I really must make a big effort with that though, as I want so much to get back to my crochet!

I was pretty fed up to find the wool has this in it!

I really hate finding knots in my yarn. Why do they do that?
What do you do with them? 

I have to admit that generally I would either knit them to the back or undo and use as a sperate piece of yarn and then weave the ends in after.  This time though my mum happened to be here and she undid the knot and weaved/combined the two ends together for me and then we knitted them on. It looks fine.  Much better than my knot!

I got my washcloth finished. It's lovely and soft. I like the stitch pattern I tried. The pattern calls for SC into the front loop only. So I tried this one as SC, alternating FL and BL along. I really like it.
I then just did the normal SC all around as an edging.

Remember my humungous crochet hook for that double chunky yarn? Well I tried it and it makes no difference at all! This is still 50g made up on the monster hook, with a DC stitch.

I just think this yarn will end up as an edging or something on different yarn, as 100g (which is all I have of it) isn't going to make up anything I can think of.

Speaking of yarn making up to nothing. I got these 2nd hand and couldn't leave them as they're so pretty, but one ball or two, again isn't going to make up into anything really. So what can I do with them?

One's a dark green and dark blue combo and the other is dark reddy purple and dark blue. Then there's  one full and one used in the lighter blue yarn balls.
Any suggestions?

Debi, 2nd guess on the mystery project .... nope! haha.  I can't wait to get back to it actually, and now my face washcloth is finished I might be able to run it along with the knitting as a side project. so watch this space for updates .... hopefully!

We have a new addition to our family, another little hamster. He's sooo cute!
I will do a seperate post to share him and our other pets. I love seeing peoples pets and hearing a little about them, so I hope you'll enjoy meeting mine.

Anyhow, back to maths lessons now (HELP!) Hope you are all well and things are going ok with you.
Take care everyone!


Monday, 10 October 2011

Slow progress

Where has this week gone?
I just don't seem to catch up with myself at all lately. Did manage to get flu jabs sorted though.
Joe, Steve and I all have them each year. We have to have them as Joe's carers, but strangely they don't give them to Tom, even though he could pass things onto Joe and us as well.

Anyhow ....
Not the best week for progress, but I do have a little to show you.

Steve's jumper is slowly growing:

I think the trouble I have with this is, I really want to be crocheting and I'm only doing this because Steve wants it. So although I'm wanting to get it done for him, I'm really dying to get back on with the crochet projects I have sitting here as well.  If only I was a faster knitter!

I have a few crochet wips of course, but the only one I have had a small go at here and there as I can this week, is my little wash cloth.

Wash cloth progress:

It's almost finished and I might just do an edging, not sure yet. 
The one I really want to get back to is the mystery blue project I showed you awhile back.  Debi guessed it was going to be a scarf, but that's not right. Any other idea's?

As soon as I get this wash cloth finished, I'm getting back to the mystery one as my side project to work alongside Steve's jumper. So I'm looking forward to that.  I've had to restart it a few times already as the sizing is all guesswork on my part and I haven't been very successful so far!

Anyhow, hopefully more on that next time.

Take care everyone!


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

One thing and another ...

So with one thing and another, I haven't been able to blog since the 20th September!
Life caught up with me and there's been alot going on here both good and bad.

The saddest situation with some friends of ours. The husband recently died, we had his funeral last week. It was only 4 years ago same month that his wife died and they leave 3 children.  :(
Over the past 3 weeks, we got alot sorted out for the friend we had staying with us, Dave. Also, he bought a new car while he was here and so Steve and Tom took him home in it. 400 miles is too far for him to drive. They are back home and Dave passed his old car onto Tom, which was amazing of him. It is very old, but he should hopefully get a year or two out of it. It will really help him for getting around for some work now.

It was our 24th Wedding Anniversary, so Steve and I got treated to a meal out with the family, which was really lovely as it's something we rarely do, so that was special!
So much was going on around that time though, that neither of us even had chance to get each other so much as a card, so we just agreed to try and get one for next year now! Well, we've got a year to get it in, so hopefully we'll manage! haha.

I've had little time to do any crochet really, but I did make a start on a face wash cloth last night.  It's a peaches n creme cotton yarn. I already have one in this colour, but changed the stitch pattern myself, just to see what it looks like. I quite like it, but you can't really see it much with it being varigated yarn.  It feels more the 'consistancy' of the knitted one made previously, than the feel of the usual 'stiffer' crochet cloths.  So that surprised me.

I've also started to knit a jumper for Steve.  I would rather be crocheting, but he really wants this, so I will try and get it done for him as he'd be so pleased with it.  Just made a start really, so not alot to show just yet. Grey DK yarn.

I'm totally behind on my blog reading. I hope to catch up with you all over this week, but right now I'm off to take Joe for his piano lesson!
So hope things are good for you all. Take care!