Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Weekly weigh in # 4

This morning I actually put off weighing myself as I just didn't feel like I'd lost anything.  Previous weeks I felt a little smaller by the Monday morning, not this one. I feel a bit bloated.

However, my friend who I am dieting along with texted me for my results, so I had to give in and go get the bad news ... sigh ...  and I had lost! I couldn't believe it! I had to re-weigh myself just to be sure, haha.

Since last week I had lost 2lb!!!

It doesn't go at all with the way I feel right now, but who am I to argue with the scales?

So happy right now. 

In the four weeks I've been doing this, I've so far lost 4 3/4lb (4.75).
I know it's not a massive amount and some people lose that much over the first week or two of a diet, but as I'm struggling to lose weight, I'm more than happy with this, especially if it carries on going down.



  1. Well done!!

    I know only too well how hard it is, I lost 29lb before Christmas doing Weightwatchers, but haven't been able to get my head around it this year at all and had put 11lb back on but last week Mr Grumpy and I tried hard to stick to it and I lost 2lb.

    It's truly rubbish though, why is it so easy to put on yet so hard to get off??!!

    S x

  2. My thoughts exactly! I swear I only have to look at chocolate and I put a pound on. :(

    What a fantastic achievement though to llose 29lb!!!! You've done so well and good for you to get back with it last week.

    I'm doing slimming world at home with a friend, we can't afford the classes this time and I'm finding that having to report back to her and putting the weekly weigh in on my blog, really keeps me on track. A couple of times this week I nearly caved in, but the thoughts of telling her and putting a big gain on here held me back thankfully!

    If you and MR Grumpy want to join in with me and do a weekly weight loss total, that would be fab! Only if you wanted to though.



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