Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Feels like forever!!!!

Is there anyone still out there?

It feels like forever since I last got on here and such a lot has gone on and is still going on with my life.  I feel like it's never going to be normal and settled again, so I decided to just come on and at least blog now and then when I can.

Brief version ....

The house saga continued for some time ... but at last we are in the process of getting the front room put back to normal. We got held up though as we are mid way in the process of moving our friend up from Devon.  We went down and stayed at his and packed all his home up, then brought him back up with us.  This weekend we hopefully complete on his new place up here and can move him in.
It will take time to get him in, unpacked and sorted.
We took him out to buy some things ready for his move, but he's naturally impatient for it to happen.

At home, we are halfway to having a front room again as I said. We still have most things packed up round the house, but once we have Dave in and settled I look forward to getting back to this house!!We have been doing some work outside and have 3/4 of a patio laid and also been getting on with the decorating.  I now have carpet in the front room, hall, stairs and landing. Such luxury!!! It's been 16 years since I last had a carpet, so you can imagine how I'm loving it!! haha.
Steve and I had to sell our cars and now are sharing one between us, I can see it's going to be his car though, as he really enjoys his car ... it's his hobby really.

Steve's job has been really stressful and to the point that he is now having problems when really under stress with his sight!  He has to see a specialist as he seems to have floaters, but strangely they get worse when the stress gets bad.
I don't know what will happen workwise with him, but he is getting in a bad way with it.

My eldest son has been suffering health problems and is under the DR. That's on going and is a worry at the moment.

All my craft things are still packed up but I hope to get out something and make a doily or something for Dave's new home. So hopefully I will have at least a little something to show soon!!

Enough of me now though ... I'm going to try and catch up on some of your doings ....

Take care everyone