Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Not too much to show at the moment, but I thought I'd give you a peek at what I'm working on.

I love this design alot and plan to do it more than once. 
For this one, which is to go up on the wall at home, I'm using my lap/table stand, which I've never tried before. Usually I hold my frame in hand, so this is a new experience for me.  It's different!

So you can see it's only just started. I did get a closer a closer view of the stitchin as well.

I'm working on pink fabric. Can you believe I can't remember if I ended up choosing the 28ct piece or the 32ct piece out of my stash!  I'm working over two anyhow and I'll go look and see which count right now.  I'm thinking 28ct, but we'll see.

Yep, 28ct it is!

I'm having to rein myself in on this one as I want to keep it nice and simple, but typically I found myself thinking how nice to use metallic or satins in the flowery parts! I just can't seem to help myself, I just so love the bling. haha.  Anyone else like that and unable to resist changing things or adding metallics etc? 
Silk would be lovely as well wouldn't it. I have some pretty silks ...

Anyhow, won't get much time on this today sadly, but am hoping to get stuck in on Friday evening.
So updates by the weekend hopefully!



  1. I love that design! Such a great way to remind yourself of your faith. I love bling -as you know - but I think the simpleness of it is what makes it so special. I'd use the silks though and then the bling doesn't detract from the words.

  2. I love the design & the chart your working on.. and also the colored fabric.. so excited for your project.. wish I could find a chart like this here in my country, but sadly it's not even available here.. looking forward for the finish piece soon.. keep it up.. superb work.. happy stitching.. take care & God bless..

  3. lovely project!
    can wait for see a little more ;)
    the fabric is very pretty.

  4. Great start and lovely pastel shade colours emphasising the capitals.

  5. I love your qsnap stand! How do you find if? Where can I get one? Lovely stitching by the way!

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments.
    :) I'm glad you like it.

    Nina, I was lent this pattern, but you can buy it online at quite a few places.
    I hope you're able to get it.

    Vani, I got my lapframe from Sewandso awhile back.
    This link is to all their plastic snap frames:

    and this one is to the lapframe's:

    Hope that helps.



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