Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sticky 2

What a shock I got yesterday!  I had given our last stick insect away to Joe's friend who loves them as to be honest, Joe really wasn't that into them.
We had four ... 'Sticky,' 'Loggy,' 'Woody' and Twiggy'.

Anyhow I went to clean out the habitat and was picking bits of privet out and there was a tiny bit stuck in the net, so I went to touch it and it RAN! 
I quickly grabbed my glasses and to my amazement there was a tiny baby stick insect! Only about 1cm long.  I couldn't believe it!

So of course I had to redo all the habitat and we now have Sticky 2. What a surprise that turned out to be!

Can you make him out?  Sort of laying horizontally about the middle of the picture.
I don't know if it shows how tiny he really is, but anyhow, you can at least see him!



  1. He looks pretty big in the picture, so it must be zoomed in pretty close! =) I'm glad you looked before throwing everything out. Are you planning on keeping him?

  2. Yeah, I tried to get a macro shot, but my phone isn't too great on them!
    We're keeping him for awhile but I think Joe's friend is hoping it won't be too long before he goes to join his colony!
    He has quite a few different types, he just loves them!


  3. I remember a boy in our top class at primary school ,in 1968, fetching his stick insect tank into school.We were all fascinated by them,not much academic work done that day!!
    I can see your little one and I am still fascinated :)

  4. grrreeee... nice picture!
    but it makes me scream...



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