Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Photo's will follow ...

I haven't posted since December!!
I can't believe how long it's been,  but so much has been going on.

Steve has left his job and starts his new one on the 1st March. He had 5 weeks leave, so he has taken that and so didn't really have to work any notice.
While he's been off we've started to decorate upstairs. One bedroom is finished, two left to go!!

I haven't been slacking off. I have things to show you.
I'll get some pictures and hopefully post them tomorrow.  It's late here and so I thought best to do pictures in daylight.

Joe and I are working hard. We are changing some things with his education and hopefully the new routine will work well.

Tom managed to get a part time job, but it turns out they rarely call him in as they need to pay him full wages, whereas the younger ones get hardly anything. So of course they use them as much as possible to get profits up.
Not very fair really, so he is now looking around again as 4 hours or no hours a week, is not enough to live on!!!

My mum hasn't been too well and my own health hasn't been brilliant either, but in truth, most of my problems could be improved if I lost weight.
So, today I made the commitment to start to really try (AGAIN!!!) and hopefully this time I will have more success.
I have made a new blog to chart my progress and hopefully keep me on track.

Well I'm going to go and get on with my latest project, as it's now that far off being finished.
I'll show you tomorrow.

Hope all is well with you and hope to catch up with all your doings now as well.