Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

My scribbles!!

My youngest son is teaching himself to draw and so every now and again I have a little go with him.

I'm not talented by any means and I don't know many techniques but I do find it theraputic and fun, so I just have a go when the mood takes me.

I noticed a few of you added a page to your blogs with your pictures and paintings and so I thought, why not!! I won't have much to put up but on the odd occasion I have, I'll just add to here then.

I haven't really drawn much since I was young, apart from the odd animal or cartoon when the boys were little, so it was fun to see what I could come up with.

This was one Joe and I both had a go at. We took a picture drawn by a friend and both copied it using sketching pencils. Not exactly but enough that we could recognise what it was.

Then we both tried Mickey mouse as well because, well, who doesn't?!!

The next thing I had a go at with the sketching pencils was an eye. This was a few months later I think and I just found it so theraputic to do. Not sure how realistic it is but who cares, lol

The sketch below is a quick scribble of my mum's new puppy Katie just after she got her.
I should add a photo here so you can see who I was trying to draw really shouldn't I.

Since then I had a go at a horse and a cat. Neither look like they should and on reflection I think they sort of have a cross between an animal and a human look to them ... weird, lol!!!
A bit more cartoony I guess, although I was actually trying to draw the real thing, LOL

Grumpy cat, haha

The last one so far was a picture I copied off the internet. I'm so useless, I can't even remember if I used coloursoft pencils or pastel pencils for this.
I enjoyed doing this one though and thought it didn't turn out too bad, although of course it's far from perfect. Good for me though.

So that's my scribbles to date!!

Fun times, lol


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  1. What a lovely idea to have your drawings in here, I am no expert myself but I think your drawings are looking really good. That duck is the cutest, lovely and well done. I look forward to seeing your future 'scribbles' Kim, thanks for sharing them x


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