Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Finished!! Goodbye, hello!

Mario is finished!!
I'm so happy to have done this for Joe. I got it finished yesterday. Now I need to get frames this week for it and a pokemon character I did for him (Blastoise) and they can both go on his wall.
It will look alot straighter once it's off the frame I hope, but I'm so happy to have finished it for him.
I used rainbow gallery petite treasure braids 'black' (metallic) and some glissen gloss metallics on the eyes of the star, so that they sparkle.
I'm pleased with it now it's finally finished.

I also got my new cooker yesterday, so I plan to cook a roast dinner for our tea tonight. I've never really used electric before, so this will be a challenge!

The old one was taken away. I would have been a little sad to see it go after 14 years together if it hadn't tried to poison me, LOL.
It was in quite good condition generally for it's age, except a scorch on the door from a faulty thermostat, which you couldn't get off. Notice the condemned label hanging from the grill.
Bye, bye cooker!

And this is what I have now. I only hope I get on well with it. Everything is SO different to what I'm used to.

Will I manage an eatable meal?  I'll let you know!



  1. Mario looks brilliant. I bet Joe can't wait for them to go on display.
    Good luck with the cooker. I switched from Gas to electric and I love it so much better.

  2. Thanks Midge, that makes me feel better. Most people I've spoken to (who've changed over) say they prefer Gas, or at least, the gas hob.

    I hope I love it as well!


  3. I like your new cooker Kim. My old one looks almost the same as your white one and I was also sad when I parted with it.

    Congratulations on Mario, it's so pretty.

    Btw, I've sent you an email, I hope you received it :-)

  4. Congrats on finishing Mario!
    It looks great!! :)

    New cooker looks very modern lol.
    I have an electric cooker, I have never used gas before but I think that I would prefer it just because electric cookers take so long to heat up and cool down.


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