Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Typical me.

I'm not going to order anything else off the internet right now.
I'm so useless!

First I did an order for my mum that I keep putting off sending for, because I was trying to get her to buy something for herself as well. Finally persuaded her, did the order and it was more than expected.
Turned out, when I looked, I'd ordered 1 extra and it was such a complicated process, she told me not to cancel, but keep it myself.
She now says I did it on purpose! LOL.

Then, back to the cooker saga.
What a nightmare it's been to find a replacement the correct size. It was getting to the point where we thought we were going to have to alter the kitchen cupboards to make room, as if we wanted to use the vouchers, we can only go to a particular shop.
We can't afford to not use it, so no choice really.
Today I looked again and they've added a cooker to the website that is our size!!
So I decided to order it.

The first time I did it, I got to the payment page and started to dither, am I doing the right thing, as this cooker is electric and I've never really had electric.
Finally decides to go for it and the payment page crashes on me.
Had to run out for a quick trim at the local hairdressers, came back to try again.
Again it crashes on the payment page.
So this time I phone the shop. We go all through it again and she puts the order through and it won't accept.
She says we need to phone the bank and see why they won't allow payment, then phone them back.

Steve goes upstairs to get the phone number and the phone rings and its the banks fraud department!
Seems with the dithering and crashing and multiple attempts, they decided to stop the payment and check it was genuine. (Am pretty impressed with them really).
Finally get it all sorted, go to phone the shop again and redo the order when Steve says to me, 'You haven't used the voucher!'
Had to redo and the girl said it was by now late, so she will sort it all out and phone me tomorrow with the confirmation.
Poor girl, she probably couldn't wait to get rid of me!

So typical of me!

Anyone want me to order anything for you?


  1. Oh friend, don't think that way. Don't believe when they say, "when it rains, it pours". All of us experienced the same one way or another. :-)

  2. Hi Kim,

    I'm just wondering because I can't post my comment anymore...


  3. Haven't got a clue why that happened Toni, but I think I fixed it now.
    I'm somewhat 'challenged' in the technical department I think!

    x x


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