Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Last night.

Last night was spent standing outside with my kids in the rain!
Well we'd had tea, the boys were upstairs when all of a sudden an ear splitting shrieking alarm went off. Thought it was the smoke alarm and we're trying to dismantle it, realised no it wasn't ... it was the carbon monoxide one! It's in our bedroom near the boiler, and do you think we could get it turned off ... No.

So I called the emergency gas and they got me to turn the gas off at the mains and evacute and ventilate the house.  So there we were stood outside in the rain.
When the man came, he made things safe, which meant capping off all the gas, leaving us with no hot water, heating, or cooker.  By the time everything was sorted it was late.

This morning we had the gas people here and after extensive tests, it wasn't the suspected boiler at all, it was the cooker!! So that has now been condemned and capped off but the good news is, the heating and hot water is back on!!  YAY!

I got a bit of stitching done tonight on Mario. I'm really enjoying it, if only I could get some time to sit with it for a length of time. It's coming on though, that's the main thing.

I'll try and get an updated picture of it to post tomorrow.

Hamster news. I think Saskia will be going home in the next day or two.
I'm a little worried though, although I'm hoping I'm wrong.
She's a lovely little hamster, but I'm concerned her family won't be able to put in a good amount of time to continue with her taming and if that happens, she's going to get less tame.
Problem being, she's quite fast still and not really a good idea to be handled by a child without adult supervision. I know they have alot on right now, so whether they have the time to spend with her and the little girl I don't know.
I'd hate to see her left in her cage again though and for all this work to have been for nothing.


  1. Oh, sorry to hear about the emergency. And it's good news that, tho you were hassled, nothing bad happened to your family.

    I know you will be very sad to see Sakia go. Is it possible for you to keep her?


  2. yes, I'm so grateful for that alarm. Goes to show, that although I nearly didn't buy one at the time, because of the costs, that it's money well spent.

    I'm going to be sad to see Saskia go, but only because I'm worried that things will just slip back to how they were. If they are going to keep up with her training, I'll be so happy. I just want the little girl to be able to enjoy her hamster and the hamster to have a great little life.

    I think we're going to take her back tomorrow night so I'll let you know how things go.


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