Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Coming together.

I was so excited yesterday when the postman delivered the fabric pens that I'd only ordered the day before.
Great service!
Also, when going through my stash for some test pieces, I came across some fabric I hadn't realised was 22ct and guess what? Yep, it's big enough for my Haed!
Looks like it's definately going to be 22ct now then. My bank balance insists! Ha,ha.

So just two things holding me back from restarting that now.
I think I'd be better with a larger frame.
I'm thinking of swapping from DMC to Anchor for the black threads.

Frames ... I am using the plastic snap frames and I really like them alot. I have 11 x 11 and 9 x 9.
The 11 x 11 is being used for my dog project and the 9 x 9 at the moment is looking after Mario for me.
So I was considering getting the 14 x 14.
I think the 17 x 17 would be too heavy to manoeuvre or even hold for too long at a time. The 14 x 14, probably still a bit heavy, but hopefully not too much.
Has anyone else got these and could advise?  I have to order online, so can't go look or try one in a shop.

DMC to Anchor ...  On the forum someone advised that anchor black has better coverage than DMC. I know by looking at my dogs that the coverage isn't always perfect, so I'm thinking of trying Anchor on the snow leopard to compare.
I have some I'm watching on ebay at the moment, so hopefully I'll be able to purchase these in a couple of days.
It's all coming together now, ready for my restarts! I'm feeling quite excited. :)

Small amount of progress on Mario again, but I've suddenly become aware of a glaring mistake! How I missed seeing this I just don't know.
So now, do I undo and completely restitch that part or do I try to alter with as little frogging as possible?
Altering rather than redoing will involve a little 'cheating' but if it looks ok, might be the easiest option.
I'm thinking on that at the moment.


  1. Gosh, that is great service!

    How lucky finding some fabric the right size in your stash!

    Have you ever tried a Tapestry frame? I use them all the time and find they are comfortable to use and aren't too heavy.


    There is a link to one I found on ebay, but if you search tapestry frame, lap frame or cross stitch frame you will find tonnes more. Hope that helps :)

    Depending on how big the mistake was, depends if you should just frog it or not. But a little "cheating" never hurt anyone! LOL
    No one will ever know, hehe. :)

  2. Kim, I just bought some fabric pens. Can't do without them. I use them for gridding. And about the Anchor black and whites, I'm considering that also. Because I really hate it when fabric shows through dark threads. Update us please on your experiment :D

    I'm sorry I can't help re: frame, I just stitch in hand.

    When I have mistakes, if it's big and very obvious, I do frogging. But if it's VERY little, I cheat and stitch over it.


  3. Well I did cheat. (Blush).
    When I post an update picture, see if you can see what I did and that'll show me whether it's noticeable or not.

    I'll tell you after anyhow of course.

    Bec, my mum has a floor stand tapestry frame, I'll have a look next time I go there.



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