Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Not much stitching, but...

Yeah, not much stitching but at least I'm getting a few things sorted out now.
We have some vouchers coming towards getting a new cooker from the cover we took out on it. It took a few phone calls to get it all organised, but it was worth it! It's not alot, but every little is going to help. :)

I also sold my fishtank, stand and accessories on ebay so that's money towards the cooker as well. I got £70 for it, but £10 of that goes to ebay in fee's! I guess they have to make their money somehow, but they must make loads when you think how much is sold on there each day!
They're picking it up tomorrow night. I'll feel better once it's gone and I know I actually have that £60 towards the cooker.

Small amount of progress on my stitching, Mario now has his plant next to him, so it's looking nearer to completion, but it feels slow progress at the moment. I love the design though, so cheerful!
Joe is going to love having it in his room. (If I EVER get finished, poor boy!).

Joe has a portion of scripture to read at our Bible meeting on Thursday night. Nehemiah 11: 1-14. The amount of names he has to try and pronounce are making this a real challenge for him (it's a challenge to me! haha) but he is doing well considering. So we've been working hard together on that.
I'm sure it'll be fine for him.

So now, I'm off to do a little more on my sampler ... sooner it's done, sooner I get back to my UFO's/WIP's!



  1. Congratulations on sorting out the cooker expense as well as selling the fishtank.

    I know what you mean on the amount of names on the Bible. There are some verses that all they contain are names, and not the familiar ones, some are harder to pronounce.

    Can't wait to see the finished Mario :-)

  2. Thanks Toni.
    I'm feeling better that the cooker will soon be sorted now.

    The bible names are hard in this passage! He had two pages worth of names to learn, but we're down to about our last 3 - 5 of them now, so hopefully all will go well for him tonight.



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