Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Well the title says it all. The cooker is still condemned.

The safe level for a carbon monoxide reading from a cooker is 30 parts per million. Ours was reading 600 and over 300 when the kitchen was ventilated.
Today he said he can no way let us use that cooker, it's unsafe, so it's once more sat in disgrace with it's condemned label on it!
He says though that having got 14 years out of it, I shouldn't be too upset with it.
(But I am!!!!   hahaha).
Apparently all gas cookers give off carbon monoxide (I didn't know this) but usually within safe levels.
So looks like I'm going to be forced to go cooker shopping after all.




  1. Oh no!
    Wow, you got 14 years out of it? That is pretty good!

    I hope you find a great deal on a new cooker. I know that can get quite expensive!

  2. I've told you Kim, we should have gone shopping the other day :D :D :D


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