Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


So last night Saskia went home.
Lucy had the biggest beam on her little face, she looked like a cheshire cat! She is over the moon at being able to hold her at last.

I let her hold Jenkins first, to get used to holding a hamster of this type, as Jenkins is tamer than Saskia. Once I'd shown her a few things with Jenkins, we put her away and got Saskia out.
I don't think she or her mum could believe how different Saskia is now. It turns out they'd been given some really bad taming advice from the pet shop. ' Leave her a week before trying to touch her' and then when they tried and she was a bit wild by then, 'You've traumatised her, now you have to leave her two weeks!'.

Anyhow, they went home with a happy little girl who knows how to hold and pick up her hamster safely with lots of tips to carry the training on and a bag of little treats and things for both Saskia and her sister's hamster Bamboo.

Bye, bye Saskia, I hope you have a lovely life with Lucy now! :)

I've done a little more on my Mario sampler, not alot, but now Saskia has gone home, I should get more opportunity to work on it in the evenings.
It's not alot ... but better than none at all.

I'm desperate to get my Haed gridded and get started on all three of my UFO/WIP's, but I have been very strict with myself. Mario has to be finished first or I might end up leaving him and getting on with them.
SO ... don't let me cave in on this and desert him!


  1. Great job Kim on taming Saskia! Oh, she looks so adorable. And Mario is cute, cute, cute! Is it almost finished? Can't wait!

    Come here to my house, I will help you on the gridding :D I love, love gridding!

    Hmmm, let's see if you won't cave in...hahaha!


  2. Oh yes please Toni! I would love some help with the gridding.
    The only time I tried before the pen bled on the fabric and I couldn't get good grids at all! I'm hoping on the 22ct it'll be alot easier than on the 32ct I tried.

  3. Oh m goodness Kim, it's 22count! Hahaha! The highest count that I grid is 18count! But okay, I will go to your house to grid your 22count, but you have to pay for my plane ticket, mwahaha! Joke!


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