Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 21 March 2011

More repairs and a small update.

Such a busy weekend, I haven't even been able to look at my stitching, let alone touch the sewing machine!
Anyhow, things should be better this week I hope and I should get time for both.

We had the car at the garage for it's MOT on Saturday. It passed, but the brake pipes are corroded and need to be replaced. That wasn't expected.  We have to save up for that, so will get it done asap.

Well speaking of repairs .... this morning I had the repair man out for my washing machine and guess what ... it's unrepairable!  *cries*
They can't get the parts anymore, it's too old and at anyrate, it would cost more to repair than to buy a new one.   :(   So I'm waiting for a call to tell me how much the cover we have on our appliances will give us towards a new machine.  I can't believe we have to get another new appliance, why does everything go at once?

One good thing though. Remember my cooker? Well, I'm far from expert with it still, but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it! I really was worried about changing from gas to electric, but the only wish I have, is that I'd done it years ago. Oh, and you're right Midge, it's SO easy to clean! Do you have a cover on your hob? I was looking and they do glass covers (not expensive either) that you can even stand things on if needed (hot dishes from oven) and that protects the hob when your aren't using it. I was wondering if they're any good.

So now onto nicer things ... stitchy stuff. :) :)
I've made a start on Toni's yellow rose. It's such a bright happy colour. :)
Only a small update due to the weekend I've had, but hopefully I'll be able to really get on with it now. Three colours of yellow in there. Doesn't look it though does it?
I'm enjoying stitching it anyhow.

Hope you all had a good weekend and were able to enjoy some lovely stitchy moments.



  1. Oh, dear, what a shame about the washing machine! But think of it this way: soon you will have a new cooker and a new washing machine.
    Love the rose! Hugs. xxx

  2. Oh, the yellow is pretty, what more when it's finished Kim! I'm so touched you calling the yellow rose by my name. Big hugs to you my dearest friend!

    I hope you'll find a good deal if you will buy a new washer :-)

  3. Thank you both!
    Toni, everytime I look at that rose it will make me think of you. (((hugs))).

    I could get more pleasure out of the new washer if we didn't have to pay for it! LOL


  4. I don't have a glass cover I'm afraid but I'm sure they would be a good idea to make extra work space when you are not using the cooker.


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