Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Appointments and the rose.

Thank you all for your concerns with Steve. I really appreciate it.

I phoned the hospital to discover the specialist is on holiday for a few weeks and then booked up until the 11th April! The receptionist said for him to go back to the GP who referred him. I asked for an appointment for the 11th anyway as I said if the GP sends him back again, I want to get the appointment now, not have to wait longer.  She didn't want to give it to me, but I assured her I would phone and cancel if not needed.

So I phoned the DR, he couldn't see his own GP until next Thursday. He could see a different one in half an hour, but Steve was at work and that's 3/4 of an hour drive and considering I would have to go pick him up and then bring him back, that wasn't an option. Anyhow, after much deliberating, I finally got him an emergency appointment with a different DR this morning.
He has given him an antibiotic cream to stop infection and to dry it up hopefully, but he has to go and see his own GP again next friday evening, incase he wants to do anything else to it. Then go to the hospital on the 11th.  At least he won't get it infected now though.

I worked on my rose again last night and made some good progress with it. I now only have some touches of light green left to do. I'm really enjoying stitching this. :)

Tonight I'm going out for the evening with Steve and his parents and their friends. It's so weird though ... it's years now, since I've had an evening out and I'm really not looking forward to it! I would rather stay home with my family and do my stitching. Isn't that strange?
I'm quite content at home.
I'm sure once I'm there I'll enjoy it (organ music but very lively and wide variety of music) but given the choice now, I'd stay home.

Well I'm off now to clean, do washing and feed all the animal's. Hope you all have a great day, whatever you're doing.

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  1. Doctor's are such a hassle! they are never there when you need them and it takes forever just to get in to see them.

    I hope Steve get better soon!

    Your rose looks gorgeous! :)
    It have come along quite quickly.

    I know how you feel about going out. I much prefer to stay at home too.

  2. Will pray for Steve that the red mark will heal.

    Since doing cross stitch, I also just want to stay home all the time and do the stitching.

    Your rose is getting lovelier Kim! :-)


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