Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Show and tell!!

It's been a really busy few weeks and I never seem to get time to sit and update my blog, but this afternoon I was meant to be going out and it hasn't worked out, so I'm taking the opportunity to sit and do it now.

So a quick show and tell about the things I'm working on.

I've undone the Tee I was knitting in the special yarn I bought. The grey stylecraft trendsetter chunky.
I did the larger size in the teal yarn and had to undo it and start again as it was too big on me. So then I thought I should do this one in the next size down too ... too small!!! ARRGGHHH!!!!
My fault for never doing a swatch but always just jumping right in there and plowing on.

Will I learn from this and do swatches in the future?? Probably not. :-/

So anyhow, I made a set of wrist warmers and matching boot cuffs, which I plan to send off to a friend. I had to guess the sizes so I just went for average and hope they'll fit!!

I just put one of each there so you could see it better, but obviously there are two of each really, lol!!
They're made in a neutral shade so that they'll go with any colour she chooses.
Hope she likes them!!

Remember the headbands??

My friend really liked them a lot and has had others commenting on them as well. They look much better on than off.
Anyhow, I gave her 6 in the end. The 5 I showed you previously and this one as well.

It's a purple band with shell edging and a lilac heart which sits to the side.

I've made some progress on the teal Tee I'm knitting. I undid it all and started again! I'm a little further on than this picture. It's almost like a sampler, made of different stitch patterns seperated with st st and reverse st st.
I think it goes, triangle stitch, double seed stitch, square stitch and then the last one is a bobble pattern but I'm going to change that to a stitch pattern I prefer. Maybe andalusian stitch. Very simple but pretty.

This is TEAL. My phone seems unable to accept this and insists on turning it blue!! But it really is teal, lol.

I also tried a quick pattern I saw on Mary's blog at Crochet Crazy. She gave a free pattern for some lovely little coasters and so I decided to have a go!!

They're made in a strange sparkly thread, kept from my cross stitch days. It looks much nicer in real life.
I tried to link to Mary's blog but I don't think I'm doing it right! :( Sorry Mary if you read this.

Edit to add: I think I've worked it out now!!! :)

Mary's Blog

I tried to use the link feature on the dashboard and put Mary's blog address in it, but it never appears on here when I preview it. I hope you can all find it as it's a lovely pattern to try.

I have had two table cloths that needed a little alteration, but I liked them and thought I'd easily sort them. Well I have a sort of fear of my sewing machine, truth be told. So they've waited and waited. In the end I decided to just go for it and I pulled the beast out and set to!!

I ended up with more pin pricks than pores and the silky one was an absolute nightmare to pin!!
The good news is, they're done!!!

One of my friends who loves her machine insists I need to just jump in there and play with it. Hopefully when she feels better she'll come and help me find my way around it a bit more.

Oh one more thing. I ordered a project bag from the US, so I'm really keen for that to arrive. I have no idea what colour it will be, just whatever they send, but I can't wait for it to arrive!!
You have so much better choice than we do here.

Anyhow, that's all I have to show you for now. Now to get back to reading all your lovely blogs and wishing I had your talent!!

Take care everyone.



  1. Great update Kim.Love your crochet. You have talent..when I first knew you you cross stitched,now you do lots of other crafts too! It's good to try other things,sometimes they are the ones that inspire most:)
    Looking forward to seeing more:D

  2. Thanks Lesley. :)
    Yes, I feel happiest with a hook in my hand, although I am enjoying knitting again as well now.

  3. Hi Kim, we all have to rip projects back from time to time, but it's worth dong because when the finished project is loved it will be used or worn.
    Mary's blog is great, I follow her too, you have made some very pretty coasters.
    Good luck with your Teal not blue Tee, it's looking great so far.
    I have finished a waistcoat for myself and I have started crocheting three dimensional flowers, I am not sure what i will be suing them for yet, but they're so much fun to do!
    have a good weekend :-)

    Crochet With Linda Dawn


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