Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 28 April 2014

One post or two?

I feel like I have too many pictures to show you at the moment and I can't decide which to show first, lol
So I will see how this post goes and it might end up that if it's going to be overloaded I'll do another post tomorrow or Wednesday as well.

First up I'll show you my bag, as I already said in my last one that I would.

It comes with an attached pouch in which you can carry tape measures, scissors, hooks, stitch markers, whatever you want really.

The top has holes where you can have your project nicely incased inside with just the yarn coming through to work with, but you can reach in through the slits when needed as well.

It has a large storage capacity. This shows it with 9 x 100g balls inside. I could still put things on top if needed, although not more yarn if you didn't want it squashed, just accessories.

This is showing it with two 400g balls in it or two 500g balls would also fit fine.

It has an attached shoulder strap which you can wear to suit yourself and carry it around however you prefer. This is a picture off the pack as it shows it better than I could model it, haha.

You can also see the little mesh pocket at the side to keep the pattern in or whatever you wish.

All in all, this is such a handy bag, I love it. :)

So as I said, I was sorting out my storage for my yarn and it ended up I was going to get some new see through plastic drawers to keep it in. While I was in the shop they were selling off some of the jewellery making items really cheap.
I picked up a couple of the little bits as I thought it might be fun to make some little crochet jewellery to wear.
Will let you know how I get on with that.

So you want to see my storage now??

These are the new drawers I bought with the big bin on top. That has a clear plastic lid, so I can see it in still.
The drawers are actually two seperate units but we just stood them on top of each other. Each unit consists of a small drawer at the top then three larger drawers underneath.

If you look at the bottom left on the picture, you can see my yarn in the boxes I previously stored it in. There was no problem and I could see through them but I had to keep lifting all the boxes off each other to get to what I wanted.

So now you can see that I have the pink box for storage and the one box under it I kept is for my cross stitch frames etc.

With the pink drawer units we ended up keeping them as one unit and Steve altered them so I have the two smaller drawers at the top.
I put a pink cover over it to protect it from the bird feathers or dust or whatever as it's situated right by my budgie.

I'm finding it much easier to get to the yarns now. No more lifting and half emptying the cupboard just to get to one ball, lol.

I still have a few things left to show you but I think I'll keep that for another post as I don't want to completely bore you!!

Take care everyone!!



  1. The bag is great - it looks like it will be quite handy to have. And you know I love those storage units. Have a great day. :)

  2. Great storage and nice to see your bag:-)

  3. Wow, love the pink drawer units. I need one, too, I have exactly the same problem with having many boxes on top of each other. I am so envious now :D :D

  4. Debi, the bag is great for when you're out anywhere. Everything is together and you can be say working on something and the ball is safe inside the bag with just the working yarn coming out of the holes.

    I might even get another bag at some point, so I can use it for different projects.

    The drawers are working out great. So much easier for me now. I hope you're able to find some to suit your needs as well Agi.



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