Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I mustn't start anything else ... yet!!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged because it's been quite busy here with taking Joe out on trips for his lessons, some things going on with a family friend we look after (he has been diagnosed with alzheimers and dementia) Joe's trip back to get his brace tightened and just everyday life, including the dreaded housework, haha!!

However, I have managed to get a couple of things to show you.

A pair of warm fingerless gloves for an older friend who admired Tom's. I tried to make her's a little prettier for her by adding the flowers on. She chose red for her pair.

I added a flower to the loomed hat, just to make it more feminine. do you think it looks better?

And a friend told me she loves headbands and was really happy when I said I'd make some for her.
Well I sent this pic to her via instagram of five that I've made for her and although she shows as having seen it, she hasn't commented at all, so I hope it's not because she hates them and doesn't like to say!!!!

I do stress a bit making things for others as it's hard to be sure if they're going to love or hate them!!
I had to guess those as well as I had no measurements, so I just made average sizes and hope they'll fit. lol

So as you can see, serial startitus still has me in it's grip, but I have managed a few rows of the jumper in the yarn on the yarn butler. So I comfort myself with that at least, although it's not enough to really show you yet. It's not very much at all if I'm honest. (Blush)

Oh I know what I wanted to ask as well ... has anyone ever used the symfonie crochet hooks and if you have, what are they like?? I was thinking of saving up for a set of interchangeables and those and the bamboo sort look the nicest but having never used either, I don't know which would be best.
I thought it was better to buy interchangeable as they come in useful for tunisian and afghan's. That's in the future though, not anytime soon, so plenty of time to find out about them.

I'm loving using the loom. Has anyone else done any projects on them. I've only attempted the hats so far but I've found I like looming far better than I thought I would.

I am itching to try a baby hat now, but I have had to take myself aside and point to those started projects and I've come to an agreement that I will make myself get some progress to show with at least one of them before I touch anything else!!
well I might touch but I won't actually start, I really won't!!
Oh isn't it hard not to though.

Well that's all at the moment. I hope you are all keeping ok.

Take care everyone.



  1. Hi kim, those gloves are very pretty and your friend chose a lovely colour.
    Great idea to 'pretty up' the loom hat with a flower too.
    I have no idea about the interchangables, I'm sure someone will be able to help you with that question
    Have a good evening
    Crochet with Linda Dawn xx

  2. Lovely hat and gloves Kim.I think the flower on your friends hat is an inspired touch.
    I only have metal crochet hooks so I am not much good as an advice giver.Will be interested to see if someone else can advise you.
    I am sorry to hear about your friend..my father in law had dementia and it is not easy for anyone involved,least of all the sufferer.

  3. Thanks Linda!

    Lesley, yes, it's really hard to see them like that and the way it changes them. Very sad and very difficult at times as well.

    We just have to keep a sense of humour. Hopefully it'll get us through some tricky times.


  4. What lovely projects! You are amazing, Kim! Many hugs from me.


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