Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Due to my diet....

I haven't really got a lot done. I've been spending time reading up on things to remind me of what I should be doing.
More about that on my slimming blog though.


I've managed to work a bit on my knitted tee. I also think I might have a picture that looks a little more teal than blue!! Hurrah!!!

I've also started another tee, but in crochet, for the summer and because I'm not sure it will work out right, I've used a pink yarn that if it all goes horribly wrong, I won't mind so much.

It's in a DK yarn and I'm using a 4.5mm hook. So this isn't going to be a quick project by any means, but it'll be nice to see how it turns out and if I like it, I'll get some nice summery colours and try out different stitch patterns, while keeping the basic shape.

Oh, and I swapped some yarn with my mum this week.
I gave her some soft baby yarn I had and also the lilac self patterning one and in return she gave me these!!!

Two large balls of aran. 400g each ball.

It's a green mixed with a little brown. I tried to get a close up for you to see it a bit better.

I'm really pleased with it anyhow.

I've been sorting out my stash as well. I'm not really happy with how I store it as it's in boxes and you can't always see easily what you want, but it keeps it clean and it's at least stored away tidy-ish.
I would love to make it look prettier though.

I ordered a book all on crochet stitches. I'm really excited to get it and hope it comes soon. I thought it would be fun to learn some new stitches. The internet is great but if you don't know the name of a stitch, you can't really look for it.

So I'm thinking I might make some new cushion covers for the living room using some of them. I'm pretty bored with the ones I have at the moment. They're from when I first learnt to crochet a year or so back, so a change would be nice.

My storage bag still hasn't arrived from the US. I know it takes awhile but I'm constantly stalking my postman and it's about time it was here!! LOL

Now I'm going shopping for healthy diet type food. I will cover my eyes when I get to the chocolate section and hope I mange to get passed without anything falling into my trolley!!

Take care



  1. Hi Kim. Your new blog look is pretty - nice and Spring-y. The owl bags in your header picture are just about the cutest. I store my yarn is see-thru plastic containers. It's kept all nice and neat, and I can see what's in there. I have been tricked a few times when I look through the pink plastic containers - I think it's one color and then when I open the lid, it's a totally different color. I hope your storage bag comes soon. Have a great day. :)

  2. Hi Kim, you have been busy and I love your new blog banner. Your teal tee is coming along very nicely and the stitch pattern is lovely. Your crochet project is pretty so far and the project is a good idea for practising different stitch patterns.
    On my blog there's a link to a website called 'New Stitch a Day' it is for crochet and knitting and there's lots of different stitches for you to try with video tutorials and written instructions for each stitch pattern.
    The close up of the Aran shows the variation of the colours and I look forward to seeing what you come up with it.
    Have a good weekend
    Linda x

  3. Both your tees are lovely.
    I hope your bag arrives soon ans I am looking forward to seeing new crochet stitches.

  4. Thank you ladies!!
    I was a bit bored with the old look and thought it was time for a change. :)

    I've got some plastic drawer type things now Debi and a big tub, so everything is stored in there. I will try and remember to get some pics to share. It's much better for me now to see everything.

    I'll have a look at that link Linda, thank you!!

    I'm looking at that picture again and that teal tee still looks blue!!! GRRRR!! LOL

    The book has arrived Lesley and there is SO much in it. I'm really pleased with it.



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