Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

More hours and more hands please.

I've been quite busy this week again so not as much progress as I would like by now but I'm going to show you anyhow.

The pink crochet tee I had made a start on has now got the front side done.

I still have the back to do and I'll also be adding a nice edging to the neck/collar and arms.
I made it long enough to fit over my hips and I made it slightly bigger too, incase my hips are now even larger than I think!!!!

I'm also making new cushion covers for our living room.

When I first learnt to crochet a couple of years ago, I made crochet fronts from odd bits of yarn I had and sewed them to the covers. Now I think it's time for a change and to use colours that match in the room!!

This first one I started is going to be made in the granny stripe.

My room is a mix of creams, pinks and greens, so I will make each cushion using these three colours but will probably make each a different design.

I must get back to the other two tee's I'm knitting as well but at the moment I've become distracted by these, lol

Oh if only we had more hours and more hands!! I am itching to get back to those poor neglected things and plus I have more I want to start on as well.
I guess we're all the same though... hopefully it's not just me?!!



  1. It's certainly not just you Kim, at least you have lots of ideas of what you want to achieve. The crochet Tee is coming along well and the collar is a nice touch.
    The cushion cover colours are lovely and keeping the same colours but altering the stitch will make for extra interest to your décor. I look forward to seeing how these turn out.
    The knitting will get done but right now you have lots of ideas and you're getting stuff done and having fun too :-)

  2. Love your Tee Kim and I am also looking forward to seeing your new cushion covers.

  3. I have been dying to get back into crochet! I don't think I could remember how to double crochet much less something of this caliber. Great job!


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