Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

On the hook.

So I just thought I'd show you what's on my hook at the moment.

I decided to have a go at a tote bag. I've never made anything like this before and I'm really enjoying it, but I think I would prefer a larger one really.
So I'm using a totally in your face (colour wise) chunky yarn. It's blue with spots of colour all over.
I've completed the bag part which consists of a mesh like bag with single crochet (US terms) at the top.

So I still have to make handles for it and sew it up.  I tried to get a close up of the mesh and top parts, but my phone camera doesn't do macro very well, so it's a bit blurry I'm afraid.

The thing that made me smile with this a bit though, is that it's out of a british book, using UK terms and here's me from the UK, converting it to US terms to work it! haha. 

The other thing on my hook at the moment is a cowel type scarf, to go round the neck twice hopefully!
It's a lovely pattern, although I have no idea of the proper terms for the stitch pattern as it was from a youtube tutorial and the girl doesn't know stitches etc.
Anyhow, I'm really enjoying this pattern alot.  If anyone knows what it is, please can you tell me?  It's a double crochet stitch, but you go either in front or behind the the DC stitch in the row below.

Again I tried for a close up of it, but my phone doesn't have a great camera really.

I'm really enjoying both these right now and with using the larger hooks it seems to come together alot quicker than usual.

I can't wait to pick these up again and get going on them, but sadly the ironing is calling me right now. SIGH!

Hope to have more updates soon.
Take care everyone.



  1. The bag is looking nice - like the yarn. :)

    If I'm not mistaken, the stitches your cowl/scarf is crocheted with is called front-post dc or back-post dc - depending on if you go around the previous row dc from the back or the front.

  2. Very pretty!
    Love the green colour!!!

  3. Lovely crochet. The green colours yarn is especially pretty and your scarf is looking great, I do like the pattern.

  4. Hi! The crochet looks fantastic and I love the new-style blog. It is much easier on the eye on the light background. Hope all is well wioth you.
    H x

  5. New follower! In answer to the round ripple- the black makes it! Don;t change a thing!

  6. Thank you so much everyone! I'm glad you like the green. I thought it looked pretty. :)

    Glad you like the new look blog Midge.

    Debi, I googled the stitches once you told me the name and found a step by step on them and you were right, that's exactly what they are. so at least if I see them in a pattern now, I know I can do them.

    Charlotte, welcome to my blog and thanks so much for commenting.
    The black is here to stay!


  7. It's called front post double crochet. Well, if the stitches you're crocheting into are on the front. If you're crocheting into the back side of the scarf then you're doing back post double crochet.
    You're doing a great job.
    Oh and by the way, I like the blanket.

  8. Thank you!
    I'm so glad you like the blanket. I liked it, but when Steve (hubby) wasn't so keen, I thought maybe it was just my bad taste! LOL

    Thank you for commenting, it's so lovely to get people's opinions.



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