Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Stash overload!!!

I popped up to my friends today to take her some sewing threads.  She has alot of wool stash (along with her other crafting stash ...haha aren't we all as bad as each other with our love of all these lovely crafts) and so she generously said she had some I was welcome to.
So while I was there she produced two carrier bags full! I wasn't expecting anything like as much as this!

First some crochet thread, as she has decided she isn't keen on thread crochet.

Then all this yarn!

The orange one is so soft!  But they all feel nice.

I don't know if the colour is right for you, it looks a bit navy blue on my screen but the large ball is a deep purple.  See in the bag, the lighter green varigated ... it's a 50% cotton, 50% acrylic.  The darker varigated is baby yarn and really soft!

This is the weirdest yarn! It's called fur and is all 'hairy'.  I think it would look good as a scarf maybe? But please feel free to make suggestions as I've never used anything like this before.

What an amazing gift to give ... she said she has ALOT more yarn stashed away, but how lovely of her to think of me and just give it to me like that!

I'm just totally overwhelmed by her kindness and can't stop looking at it all.



  1. oh!!I wish I had a friend like yours!indeed a good collection

  2. it's good to have crafty friends! That's some amazing stash! =)

  3. That is a stash haul..what a lovely friend you have :)

  4. Oh my oh my sis! You've got some jewels in there! Your stash are all so yummy! Drooling with envy here, LOL! Can you introduce your friend to us, LOL! Tell her she's amazing! All the shades are so pretty specially the crochet cotton threads, the plum, the brick brown & the two light plum. All are so pretty indeed!

    Miss you sis!

    Hugs :-)

  5. What a lovely haul, lucky you!!

    I love all the duck egg/teal yarn!!

    S x


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