Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Back on with my ripple again at last!  It still seems to need encouragement to flatten, but once flattened it stays in shape.  I'm wondering if it's the yarn.  It's all double knit wool oddments but I noticed some are crepe. So maybe that's why?

Anyhow, here it is again.  I've put on a really bright sort of aqua green against the purple rows ... talk about CLASH'tastic! LOL. I must try to get a proper picture colourwise so you can see just how clashy it really is.  It's almost like that it's SOOO bad, I just love it! But anyhow, it all adds to the interest (I hope!).

And with my WIP basket on top

I'm not sure yet how many more rounds to do. I don't want it too long on there, but as I said before, I do want it draped over, so a bit of a way to go yet, but not too much more probably.

I'm itching to get back to making some granny squares though, I just love working them.

I made a little more progress with my thread doily again. I'm on either the last or next to last round of that, but I had to leave it as my mum is prodding me to finish her round dishcloth pronto, as I told her she can only have them once I made both and they're a 'set'.  I love making these cloths!

I found my car scraped in the car park. I was pleased no dents at least! Anyhow, I managed to polish most of the scrapes out and get off the black residue. Just one small chip left that I touched in with my paint stick.

I only thought to take a picture half way through getting the scuffs off, but it gives you an idea.

All polished up and painted ... feeling much better at last!

Can you just make out the tiny painted chip on the rim?

Also, I got a picture of my mum's tapestry, which I thought I could maybe show you updates on every now and again.

I rotated the picture so you can make it out, but now the room looks the wrong way round behind it! haha. My photography skills are SOOOOO bad!

Anyhow, I'm off for a quick browse round your blogs while I eat my lunch. So I can catch up with all your doings!

Have a good day everyone.



  1. i loved reading this post!ripples getting bigger and bigger.. love your yarn collection, nice purple you have and that tapestry!just wow!


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