Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Finished or frog it?

So the ripple is slowly growing.  I added a lilac and a burgandy after the green yarn.  I wanted to do 2 rounds of the burgandy and got almost to the end of the second one, but there just wasn't enough.
I guess that's the thing with just using your odd balls up, you can't be sure of whether there's enough for what you want to do or not.

Anyhow, I frogged the last round and have now added a black lurex chenille to finish the ripple. I quite like it.  I wasn't sure there'd be enough for two rounds of that either, but I JUST did it with only a tiny bit of yarn to spare.

Now I quite like the black chenille on there, Steve doesn't.  He thinks it all looks too dark now and that I needed to lighten it up a bit and keep things bright, colourful and cheery looking.
So here's where you come in. I would really appreciate HONEST opinions. 
I don't mind if you think it looks awful, I just want to know.  I don't get many comments generally, but I would really like it if you would please take the time to let me know your opinion on this.
Actually thinking back to not quite having enough of things, well that's been the story of my life today. I made a shepherds pie and a lasagne and it was so annoying.
I had got these two larger dishes than I normally use, to make them in for todays meals, but totally forgot this meant I had to make more than usual to fill them!  OOPS!

So the poor lasagne was somewhat lacking on the topping sauce and the poor shepherds pie didn't have the depth of mince it would usually.
Thankfully they taste ok ... But GRRR, how typical of me! 


Looking a bit sparse in the sauce dept!

Shepherds pie.
So thin! Could have made double the depth if I'd only thought about what I was doing.

Ah well, at least I won't be making that mistake again.  Hoping to either do some more on the pink thread doily tonight, or I might even start something new ... unless of course I'm sat here frogging the chenille off the ripple!



  1. I kind of like the black border. Finishes it off nicely. :)

    If I may - I have a hard time reading your blog posts. I have to get real close to the monitor to make out the purple words on the black background.

  2. Thanks so much Debi for letting me know that.

    I'm going to have a little play with backgrounds and colours and see if I can get a scheme that's easier on the eyes.


    At the moment I'm trying to find out how to change font colours for the header and posts as i just can't remember! LOL

  3. Your blog is looking fantastic. And I forgot to mention that the lasagna and the Shepherds pie look delicious. :)

  4. I read your blog,before the comments section, and was going to say how much I like your "new look", it is lovely.
    I like the black chenile too, to me it says that your ripple is complete and very attractive it is too.
    I love Lasagne and Shepherds Pie and they both look very tasty.

  5. Thank you both for your lovely comments. I do appreciate them.

    I hope this is alot easier now to read. I had no idea it was difficult before, so thank you Debi for letting me know.

    I'm quite enjoying having a new look blog now. :)

  6. Dear, you are far too hard on yourself!! One the pics are fine,they don't look too blurry. And your cooking loks good too! Next time you can fill it up a little more but THIS time at least it didn't spill over in the oven right! Have fun and enjoy! Any your crochet looks marvelous, I like strong colors.

  7. I think it's beautiful. The dark border finishes it - at least that's what I think.

  8. Thank you both so much for your comments. I feel alot better about the black now and I'm going to sew the ends in and finish it properly. I sorta left it incase everyone hated it and I had to frog it.

    I'm making another lasagne tomorrow or Wednesday, but this time I've bought more ingredients! LOL



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