Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 5 September 2011

AWOL and a quick catch up.

I've been AWOL for a few days recently with one thing and another, but how lovely to come and find I had some new followers!  Thank you so much and welcome to my blog. I hope you'll feel free to comment whenever you want to.
I was completely amazed today to find my blog had got a mention on Debi's blog . Thank you SO much Debi, it was a lovely surprise and cheered me up after an upsetting day.

So now for a quick catch up!

Took Joe to a local mine recently. His grandad and great grandad were both miners and his grandad was on the mines rescue team and has an award for bravery, so it was fun to go look at things and get it all explained to us.
I got a picture of him on one of the machines that would have pulled up the coal and cages that the miners decended into the mine in.
Not a very good picture really but anyhow, thought I'd show you.

It was a kind of winch machine I guess.  Anyhow we had fun.

We've had alot going on here. Steve's work situation is still hard, a few have now left as they couldn't stay there. Some have been on sick with nerve problems and he has been having to do alot of overtime and it isn't appreciated. He has been getting home at 10pm sometimes, having his tea, sit for half an hour and then bed, ready to get up at 5:30am again the next day.
He has put his overtime in and althought they wanted the work done, they are now complaining about paying him and saying about costs.   On the 15th though, there is meant to be an annoucement and we should know what is happening, one way or another. So not too long to go now and we hope things should sort out and settle more then.

We also decided to change my car to help us financially, so have been sorting that this past weekend. I had an upsetting phone call today though with one of the salesman we've dealt with for years, really giving me a hard time because we had decided not to go with him this time. It really made me feel like rubbish.

Then a friend of ours, who is more like family to us has decided he wants to move up near us. He is 77, so we are trying to sort as much as we can for him of course, to save him doing things, so that's took up time, especially the past few days.

However, I have still managed to get some crochet done.
The boys were laughing at me so much, because when we were running round I always had my crochet with me and was working on it at every spare moment where ever I was.  haha.

So anyhow, here we go.

I have finished the green scarf and made it into a circle scarf. I gave it to my mum as she loved it!

This was it completed and sewn together.

And this is it on it's new owner!

I have also made a dishcloth set ....

That was made from Sugar n cream twists.

And two face cloths (Wash cloths).

They were such fun to do. I've started another now and it's around a quarter complete so far.

I also did one handle for my tote bag and have started the second handle, but I forgot to take a picture of that!

So that's me all up to date now and hopefully it won't be too long before I can show you my completed bag and my 3rd face cloth.

Take care everyone and hope all is good with you.



  1. You're welcome - glad I gave you a lift today.

    Your circle scarf came out very nice - looks good on your Mom. Your cloths look nice too. :)

  2. I love your Mum's scarf.I could really do with a scarf like that because I have arthritis in my neck and it would not dangle in everything. I have some soft wool so I may give it a go..you have inspired me Kim :) I love your cloths.Please can you tell me what yarn you use to make them?
    That is a great picture of your son, it is lovely for our children to learn about their relatives lives/jobs, especially grandparents,and I hope that you and your husband will get some respite from the uncertainty of his job, it must be so wearing having gone on for so long. *hugs*

  3. the scarf is so pretty!
    nice week! hugs!

  4. Sounds like you have had your share this week... I think the whole world is just a bit edgy right now.

    You son is such a cutie, he looks like he is having fun. Love your Mom's scarf, a very good color for her.

    Have a quieter week:)

  5. Found you by way of DebiY. I love crocheting with thread and make lots of doilies..just became your 41st follower. Hop by mine and drop me a line. Nice to meet you

  6. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. It's just so amazing to come here and see them. It really made my day. I shall be hopping over to your bogs as well to see your lovely work. Thank you all for the good wishes over Steve's job. It's been a trying situation for almost a year now and it will be nice to see things resolved.


    Lesley, I'm sure the scarf would be perfect for you. When I sewed it together I just twisted it, so it wouldn't just hang round the neck like two tubes! I really hope you do have a try at it and if you do, I'll be so excited to see it. If you need the pattern at all, just let me know. It's free and not copywrite.

    I use 100% cotton yarn for my cloths. I have been using peaches & creme yarn, but they were bought by Sugar n cream, unfortunately they don't seem to carry the same amount of colours now.
    I'm going to try other brands though as Sugar and cream is SO hard to get hold of in the UK. The cost is too much really. So I would say any yarn, as long as it's 100% cotton would be worth a try.

    Thank you all again for stopping by and saying hello and lovely to meet my new followers, I do hope you'll come back again.


  7. Thanks Kim. I would like to have a go at making some wash cloths etc. and it would be great to have the pattern you did for your Mum's Scarf,it is so pretty. I have started another pattern,I am just about to post a pic of it..it caused me some trouble to start with, I am very rusty where crochet is concerned,but seeing yours has made me want to have a proper try at it again :) thank you.


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