Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mario and musings ...

Last night I started edging my hardanger tile. I don't think I'm ever going to get prizes for the finish, but as long as it looks reasonable, I'll live with it!
I'm looking at hardanger books now as I really would like to continue trying small designs. It was fun!

Thinking about my next project I'm almost settled on doing the Mario sampler one of the ladies on the forum designed. I've never had a go on waste canvas and so I'm toying with the idea of putting the sampler on one of Joe's t.shirts. Would it be scratchy to wear though, and a bit stiff and odd feeling when he had it on? I think maybe I'll ask advice on the forum, see what others have found if they've done work on clothing.

I'm getting guilty feelings about my UFO's. I can almost feel them giving me meaningful glances each time I pass the shelf they're on. I'll have to get back to them soon, but I just wanted to have a bit of fun time on smaller projects first.

I have a talk tonight. Only 5 minutes on a given subject. My subject was Jesus' mother Mary. I've never really thought deeply about the things she went through in her life until now, but after researching for my talk, I've got a whole new appreciation for her. I'm focusing on her courage.

Tomorrow we're going to Blackpool to collect Tom and my mum. They've been away at a 2 week Bible school. I think there were around 35 students this time. They've really enjoyed it alot.
I expected the time to fly by for them and drag for us, but it's gone so fast, I haven't got half what I wanted to done yet! Steve has taken the day off and apparently they lay on a little buffet for the students and the ones collecting them. I'm not sure if Joe is more excited about seeing Tom and his nanny or going to the buffet! It's definitely a close call. haha.

I'm getting along fairly well with my home cooked meals. I'm making more of an effort and I'm actually enjoying doing so. I don't have the time to do elaborate meals or spend all day in the kitchen, but we don't eat elaborate meals anyway! Simple but good for you.

I've got the wii fit out! Things are looking serious now, haha. Steve was watching me doing one of the exercises while munching on some chocolate a bit ago now and said I really haven't got the right approach to getting fit! Cheek! He just doesn't realise a girl has to build herself up into these things. Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say.

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