Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Home Cooking

So yesterday Steve and I were talking about how life has changed. We have so many modern conveniences now and they DO make life alot easier, but do they make it better?
There's no way I'd even consider giving up my automatic washer for a dolly tub of course, but the cooking side of things got me pondering ...

The microwave is wonderful when you're busy and rushing, but sticking a frozen meal in there, or using oven ready products rather than spending your time on cooking a good, nourishing meal from scratch for your family, is the easier option.
So I got to thinking how my life as a mum, differs so much to my Grandmothers etc. She lived in her kitchen, making lovely meals for her family and taking pride in keeping her home as she wanted it. It always felt good to go there.

I don't have the same amount of time as her though, because even though I don't work, I home school and that takes time and effort.
I also have the problem of making sure I make meals Joe can eat. He was born unable to swallow and getting food that won't choke him is a challenge.
Then there's the issue of having the right ingredients at home for these tasty meals. I never seem to have all the things these cooks like Jamie Oliver feel are 'basics'.
Half those things are too expensive for me to buy, except as a treat.

Still, I do feel I could improve.
So last night I made a turkey mince and vegetable lasagne with garlic, which took time to prepare, but it was sooo yummy!
I am going to try hard to spend more time cooking meals myself, I actually enjoyed it and it was great to see my family enjoy it so much.

Next thing is to try and find some affordable recipes to try out.

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