Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Diets and stitching.

So far I've done well keeping to the 'home cooked meals'. Hubby has commented and said how much he's enjoying what I'm making. I'm enjoying making it as well.
The next challenge food wise is going to be me starting on my 'diet'.
I really need to lose weight. It's going to be hard though to make healthy home cooked meals for me, making sure the rest of the family don't end up dieting by eating the same as me (as none of them need to lose weight) and keeping Joe's problem in mind as well.
I don't really fancy making one meal for me and one for them with changes for Joe as well.
I'll have to think it through and see how I can work it to suit all.

So I weighed myself and I got the wii fit plus out ready and am hoping to get started once I get my diet sorted out and know what I'm going to do for meals.

I started a new project! I love cross stitch but had a bad year with one thing and another in 2010 and it got pushed firmly into the background.
I had rekitted up one of my projects, a photo of my dogs, but I've also started something new.
I've always wanted to learn hardanger, and one of the girls on the cross stitch forum I belong to has kindly let me try out one of her designs.
I have to say I'm really loving loving it so far!
I'll try and put a post up with some pictures to show what I'm doing.


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