Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Horrible, horrible

I couldn't update while I was away even though I had bought mobile internet for my iPad because the signal was SO bad.
Since returning home, I've had things going on which put everything else on hold.

My diet, which I came off for my holiday, I haven't been able to set my mind to either, so I still have to get myself back on track there, so that I don't end up back where I started. 

While we were away, Joe, my youngest picked up the cold D, who we took with us, had. So he felt pretty rubbish towards the end of the holiday, with a streaming cold.
The thing with him is, that anything he gets, because he has health issues, you need to be careful and he seemed to start to get over the cold once we were home but then suddenly, when a horrible cough came out on him, went down with a smack. High temps, bad chest, coughing, headaches, being sick. It's been quite worrying. 
He's still unwell but I'm hopeful he's starting to improve a bit.

Something else really horrible happened as well.
My eldest son and myself, along with others in our village, have had our cars keyed. 

My son's car

My car

The police came but made it clear they can't do much about it. So annoying and so mindless. 
I really don't get what people get from doing stuff like this.

With my sons car we have just tried to t.cut and paint over it. 
Mine is going through the insurance but it counts against me as a claim. Grrr!!! 

So with that and Joe, it hasn't been a great time. 

That said, it was lovely over in Yorkshire and it was our 27th wedding anniversary while we were away. Steve bought me a sweet little aquamarine ring in the local flea market

And a set of items based around Yorkshire tea which I love.

Of course that meant I couldn't resist making a cute tea cosy complete with pom poms.

So that was something I enjoyed making and it was quick too.

I made a start on the TEAL neck and sleeves. The neck I decided to make like a little roll over as this is too big for me so I have decided I'm going to give it to my mum once I'm done.

I'm working on the sleeves. I've had to take them out once already as they didn't look right so I'm on attempt 2 now

When we went away I took this stylecraft cotton to make a shrug. I started it but I didn't do much on it and now, I'm looking back at it and can't remember what I was doing with it. Oops!! 
Might need to frog it and start again.

Note to self: make notes!!!! 

So I wanted to show you some pictures of my holiday, just a few, but I think I'll have to make another post with them. 

I was so good while I was away and despite visiting lots of yarn, I resisted every urge I had to buy any, telling myself I need to use some of what I already have.
However, my mum insisted on treating me to some plus a pattern as well, for a nice chunky cardigan, so that too will appear on my next post. 

Hope things are good for you all

I'm hoping to catch up with my blog reading now.

Take care!! 



  1. Sorry about your cars getting damaged. I hope the police catch the little punks that did it.
    Love the tea pot cozy - it's really nice.
    I hope your son feels better soon.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. :)

    1. Thanks Debi.
      The police aren't even trying which is crazy considering how many car were damaged.
      Got a letter to say the case was closed.

      So annoying.

  2. Shame the internet connection was so poor whilst you were away Kim and a poorly boy too, hope he feels better very soon.

    What a horrible thing to happen with the cars, I also don't understand why anyone would do this, completely destructive and mindless.

    Such a pretty ring from your husband and happy Anniversary to you both. The Yorkshire tea set looks fun and your tea cosy is double fun, what fantastic colours.

    The Teal sweater is coming along nicely, even though it's too big it is good that it will fit your mum when it's done.

    Have a great weekend xxx

    1. Thanks Linda. :)

      I still can't get my head round why someone would do that sort of thing. It's just rubbish.
      Oh well!!

      On to better things I guess


  3. I hope your son is feeling better.
    What is wrong with people? What kind of person thinks it's fun to damage things!
    Your ring is very pretty and I love the tea set. Your tea cozy is adorable!
    Your sweater is looking great! It's all good as long as someone can wear it. :)

    1. Thanks Pam
      We heard it was some young ones who were maybe on drugs but it's all just rumours. Whoever it was, they've done lots of damage to lots of cars. It's so sickening.

      I took my car to the garage yesterday, so am just hoping once I get it back everything quietens down and we don't get any repeat performances!!



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