Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sunglasses alert!!

My mum is always losing things.
It's almost compulsory!! So just for fun I crocheted her a book cover in the brightest yarn I have. It's totally in your face. Don't think she'll be losing this in a hurry. LOL!!

It's made with a chunky yarn and has two crocheted hearts on the cover.

Hopefully it'll make her laugh as well.


Speaking of my mum, she has given me a lovely gift that I'm totally over the moon with.
A complete set of Chiaogoo interchangeable needles!!!

And here they are inside. One set is missing as it's out being used.
You have a zipped side pocket which has the cables, connectors, stoppers, keys, stitch markers etc inside there.

It's a wonderful set and really nice to knit with.

I love it!!

Oh and on the subject of knitting, I sat and unravelled the tee I was working on. I don't want to waste all that yarn. I just need to find a more suitable project for it instead.

So now I'm crocheting another little book cover, but in a less gaudy colour!! LOL

Hope all is well with each of you.
Take care



  1. I love the book cover - the yarn is pretty. Great gift from your Mum. :)

  2. I have tried to learn to knit...and let me tell you...I made one dishcloth...love it too by the way, but holding the needles is a challenge..my fingers are programmed for hooks lol..your mother feels blessed I am sure.

  3. Hello my dearest Sis! After five months, I just posted my first post for the year. I really miss blogging.

    Your book cover is so lovely.

    By the way, did you receive my email?

    Hugs to you and lots of love my dearest Sis!


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