Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

On my needles now

So at the moment I'm knitting, although I have to say my crochet hook is calling me as I have an urge to make a crochet book cover right now as well, so I may well give in and have two projects on the go at once. :-)

I decided to try some yarn in my knitted piece which I haven't used before. It's called 'Wonder knit' (100% acrylic) and is a self patterning DK yarn.
The yarn itself is lovely to work with and it was quite cheap as well, so I'm happy with it.

I have come across one problem, which I'll mention in a moment.

The yarn:

I've been working on a tee style jumper for myself, but it has patterns on it, which kind of take away from the patterning of the yarn I think. So, my thoughts so far are that this yarn is best suited to being used on plain knit.
The other 'problem' which I mentioned earlier, is that I am working flat, rather than in the round and it's occurred to me that this is going to cause me some problems because first, I have to make sure the striping matches to the back, or it's going to look odd and second, the top of the tee is divided and you add another ball so as to work the shoulders from two seperate balls.
So again, the striping element is going to cause me difficulties, to get it matched correctly.
I can do it, but it might make me waste a lot of the yarn.


So now I'm wondering whether to just unravel it all and chalk it up to experience. Then find some plain yarn to do this tee in and a plain pattern in the round for the self striping yarn above.
I'll think it through first and see if I can work out a way round it but I don't want to be wasting lots of yarn if I can help it.

Anyhow, this is the back, which is now completed.

So what to do?!!
I need to give it some thought.

Take care everyone.



  1. Hmmm - I don't know what you should do. The back patterning came out real nice - if you can get the fronts to match that would be nice, but like you said, there will probably be a lot of wasted yarn. :)

  2. Dearest Sis!!

    So happy to see your comments on my blog. I have checked and rechecked my email but I did not find your letter. Even the Spam. Anyway, I am going out of the office, I will email you later tonight. Do you still have the same email address?

    I really miss you sis! Take care always.

    Hugs and love,


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