Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Two more finishes ... almost!!!

My thread doily is now finished, although not yet blocked, I still have to work out the best way for me with that. Here it is hot off the hook!!!

This is really the second thread doily I've attempted.  I did one when I first taught myself to crochet, then I tried a second one, but only got a few rounds finished as I found it hard to work out the pattern, so I added an edging myself and used it as a tiny doily for under a small vase!!

This time I looked at the photo of their finished doily and found that helped me when I wasn't sure what the instructions wanted me to do. I really enjoy thread crochet a lot but I am still very much an amature of course.

Remember the fluffy scarf I had problems with?  That's now finished as well. :)   I just need to cast off.  I meant to save a label so I could say exactly what I used for this, but I must have thrown them out.  It's like an eyelash yarn but softer and more wooly almost. Very, very soft.  I used three balls so on a really cold day, lots to snuggle up into and with all the colours, it goes with a
lot of different things.  It looks a little thin on the needle there, but it's just pushed up to the end.  I have done it 24 stitches wide, so it's just the right width for how I like it.

So now I just want to finish these completely and get stuck in on my next project!!!

Hope all is well with all of you. Take care everyone!!!


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  1. Your doily is very pretty - great work. And I love the scarf - it looks like it will be very snuggley around the neck. :)


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