Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

She loved it!!!!

 So last night I took the neck warmer up to my friend and she loved it!!
I was so pleased I'd made it for her.
She is into knitting and crochet, sewing and card making, so in short, she loves to craft BUT she said because of that no one ever makes her anything, so she was thrilled to get this.
She loved the basket weave chunkiness of it and said it was lovely and neat.
So all is good!!

Here's something I wanted to ask others who knit and crochet ... do you check your gauge?
Now I have to admit that's something I NEVER do!!!
Not for anything. So I'm curious as to whether anyone else does. And if you do, do you think it's worth it? Does it make any difference??

So I'm currently working on a scarf or cowl.  It's not definite what it's going to be actually as I've unravelled it three times already!! 
I just start something and then decide it's not quite what I want ... hope I get it finished soon as I have other things I'm itching to get on with.

Take care


  1. I knew your friend would love her gift - how could she not? - it's very nice. I really don't crochet wearables, so I've never bothered checking guage. I crochet tight and my stitches would never match up anyway. :)

  2. HI. I am glad that your friend liked your gift. I love handmade gifts, makes me feel special. Anyway to answer your gauge question..I check my gauge on some things..not so much doilies. I check it if I want something to be a certain size and especially if it is a wearable item and if I am changing up the yarn or thread on a pattern. I hate it when I spend alot of time on something and have it end up being too small or too large..so checking of gauge is a time saving issue for me. Some stitiches don't "pop" if the gauge isn't right. So yeah..I check my gauge more times than not I guess.

  3. Lovely gloves Kim,I like the button addition.


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