Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Shawlette news.

Another completed wash cloth for the collection.  This one is going to my mum and also here's the knitted version.  The crocheted cloth is alot thicker. Both are the same yarn.

Crocheted face cloth:

Knitted face cloth:

Both together:

Remember the shawlette?
Well I went looking for an easier shawl to start with. I chose a triangle shaped one as that was the nearest I could get to the winged one I liked.

Triangle shawl:

Close up:

I worked on it a little but realised my heart just wasn't in it.  I wanted to do the wing shawl and nothing else would match up to it until I'd given it a good try.

So I went back and sat down to re-read the pattern.  I couldn't even understand the foundation row!
This didn't bode well for my chances of success.

I went back to the triangle shawl and set to, telling myself it would be fine if I just put a fringe or something on it and I'm only a new crocheter, no point getting myself tied up in knots with something I'm just not ready to do...  all these sort of things. 

But it was no use, I didn't get alot further before I just knew I HAD to try to crack the wing shawl.

So abandoning the poor triangle shawl mid row I sat down once more with the winged shawl pattern.
I must have done that foundation row quite a few times before it finally clicked what it was asking me to do and managed to get all the way through without frogging!

Row 1 went fairly smoothly.  Then came row 2! Fine until I got to the middle, then it just made no sense to me at all.
I tried and fiddled, but nothing looked right. So looked around the internet and found I wasn't the only one who had found this difficulty with that part, but the other person said that once she actually read the pattern correctly, it made sense.
So this meant it had to be me not thinking it through properly.  So back I go again, more fiddling.  After a few more trys it finally clicked into my brain and I was away!

Little wing shawlette, so far:

Here's where I'm at so far, just about to start row 9.   It's been a real challenge to me and I've really, really enjoyed it alot!   I'm just hoping I can get through the whole thing and it all works out correctly.

Closer view:

I never ever thought I could do things like this. It's weird to think that only a few months back I couldn't even crochet! I still can hardly believe it, it's kinda so surreal almost, that I'm actually able to crochet and try these things now. It's such fun!



  1. Congratulations for not giving up! The best way to learn crochet is to make errors once in a while. I taught myself to crochet over 39 years ago and I still make mistakes!

  2. I'm glad you figured it out and stuck with it - it's looking good so far. :)

  3. That is so pretty. Your perseverence paid off :)


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