Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weekly weigh in # 9 and another cushion!

Meant to update yesterday but time got away from me. So here we go ...

First off the weekly weigh in.
Have to say I was not holding out any hope this week as I haven't stuck to plan really and have had 'naughty' moments. Also I'm really having problems with that awful time of the month, I'm all over the place, so have been feeling ill pretty much constantly.

However, much to my shock I lost 1 and a 1/4lb!!!  
I so don't deserve it, but I'm pretty glad of course.  I just wish I didn't have to battle this constant cravings, it would be much easier to stick with it and get some REAL progress going if things were more normal and settled with me.
For all this 9 weeks of dieting, what with all my up's and downs I've actually only lost 4 1/4lb overall!

Swiftly moving onto something else ...

I made another cushion.  :)   I'm really enjoying making these.

It seems os weird to think it wasn't that long ago I just couldn't get to grips with crochet at all!  Yet now I'm loving it! :)

Anyhow, I tried to make this one a bit different again, to make things more interesting.  I used the same colours in it as the first one, so they do go together, but altered the pattern.

And here it is with it's companion, brightening up my room.

Hopefully it looks alot more cheerful now.



  1. Very cute the new pillow! :)

  2. The cushions look fabulous! I really like how they are the same colors, but different designs. Very interesting to see them together!

  3. Well done on the weight loss!!

    I still can't get myself in the right frame of mind - went to the docs yesterday as I have had back/bum/leg pain and turns out I have sciatica.

    She weighed me and I've put on 2kg since Christmas - she's referred me to some weight clinic or another, apparently I might be able to get free Slimming World vouchers so maybe I'll give that a try.

    It's rubbish isn't it?

    S x

  4. They look so cheerful, I love them!

    On the weight issue that is still a good loss, and just think at least the scales aren't going up! Just wondering if you have ever tried weight watchers? Im on it and have lost 35lb in my first year. I find the support of a group so much easier than trying to go it alone!

  5. Congrats on your weight loss :)

    They say the slower you lose it, the less likely you are to put it back on again.
    Think positive,You're doing great!

    Your pillows are gorgeous. They really pop on the white couch. :)

  6. Thanks everyone and thanks SO much for all the positive weight comments as well.

    I am stuggling to keep my mind on track with the diet, I just find it so hard with my health issues right now. Hopefully I'll get myself sorted.

    Jennifer What an amazing achievement!!! Congrats, that's fantastic! I've tried Weight watchers before and just didn't get on with it, but I did slimming world years ago after having my first son and lost almost 2 stone on it. That's why I decided to get on that again.
    I think classes are more motivating though.

    Sarah, I'm so hearing you right now, it's so hard isn't it. I hope you do get them free, that would probably give you a real boost of motivation. Keep me up on your progress with it won't you, so I can come cheer you on!



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