Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Time for God.

I thought it was about time I showed you my cross stitching update as well.  I haven't done alot I know, but slowly and surely I'm getting there.

This is lovely to stitch and would be a quick one to do if I were concentrating on it and not distracting myself with crochet!

Sorry the picture is dark, I'm really not very good at getting a decent picture to show you.
I've been trying out some crochet with wool as well. My tension is rubbish, it all curls up badly.
There's just so much I'd love to do and learn though, if only I had the time. 

Things are getting worse at work for poor Steve. Everyone is sooo stressed and it's still been month to month. So the contract is until the end of this month.  Now apparently quite a problem over some work has arisen and things aren't looking good at all, so what will happen we don't really know.

On a better note, Tom has a weeks work this coming week.  We have to try and get him sorted with something by September if possible, so that we know what he's doing. He's thinking maybe trying to be self employed for a bit at least, to get something going as there doesn't seem alot around workwise right now.

Here's a random fact for you ... today Joe was reading one of our old magazines and informed me that there are around 90 different species of Kingfishers!
I have to confess my complete ignorance here and admit I just thought there was one ... the kingfisher as we know it.  (BLUSH).  I was amazed that there could be 90!!!
There! I bet you feel all knowledgeable now! haha.

Anyhow, I have an hour to myself, so shall I carry on with my stitching ... or do a little more crochet? 

Take care!



  1. Love this piece. I've seen it done a few times and it makes me want to give it a go.

    I had no idea there were so many types of kingfishers either! Seems a bit much to have 90 different ones, but I guess they have a good reason.

  2. Your cross stitch piece is lovely sis. Soon, I will ask my sister to buy me that pattern :-D Sorry, I am a copycat, LOL!

    Sis, try experimenting with different hooks, so maybe that way, you can get the right tension. Isn't it hard choosing what to do, whether to crochet or cross stitch :-D

    Hugs :-)

  3. Your stitching is looking great, I love the filled in capitals, and the tension with the crochet will come.I can remember trying to force my hook through too tight wool when I started,I thought " this is too much like hard work," until a friend at school showed me the error of my ways lol


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