Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cushion and some small experiments.

I found a slightly larger cushion, so the 'cushion fail' fitted better than planned. It's only slightly larger now but when sewn on, there isn't enough to make a frill.  So the plan is that I'll go round and put a simple border on, just to make it a little more frill looking.

So here it is as the moment:

My mum doesn't like it, but hopefully once it has a bit of a border on she'll like it better.

So as well, I found a varigated ball of wool in the charity shop cheap and have been experimenting with it. 

Crochet flower ...

Would obviously look better in a block colour, but I was just experimenting as I've never attempted a flower yet.

Also, in the same wool I made two little doilies.   The reason I'm so pleased with these is that I used a Japanese pattern and read it only from symbols, whereas I've only really worked from written instructions or youtube demo's so far.  So it was a challenge, but I enjoyed it.  I also modified the border at the end from their pattern.

Anyhow here's one of them:

Sorry, up to my usual dodgy photo skills as you can see!

And here's one of the three together:

They were all pretty quick to do and I enjoyed making them.
Not yet blocked as you can see.  I really need to get something I can block on. That's something I haven't sorted out yet, so nothing get's blocked at the moment. I'm sure it would take a better shape if I could do that with them.

Anyhow, I'm off to make tea now.   Hope you all have a great evening!



  1. I think your variegated flower is very pretty, and your cushion looks great to me.The doily shapes lovely too.That wool is really pretty.

  2. Hello!
    The cushion is lovely!
    I love the crochet flower!



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