Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Come look!!!

You can go ages with not much really in the way of bargains and then they seem to all arrive at once.
After I told you about those bargains on Saturday, I was well happy.
Then Monday was a really busy day for me and I ended up unexpectedly with some time on my hands while in the local town, so I used it to quickly pop into a couple of the charity shops.

I couldn't believe it when I saw a whole bag and a few loose, of used crochet threads!
Altogether it cost around £4.50, but look at what I got for it ...

I'm keeping my collection in this little basket. I think it looks so cute.

I am still in shock at seeing them though. It's not something I would expect to see usually and I just had to snap them up while I had the chance, although I did feel guilty about the money.

But anyhow, while we're doing pictures I must show you my plates. I was so pleased with them.

And also to add to my 'mismatched china'  which I just love, this little tea plate.

At only 40p this little lady just had to come home with me!

Oh, and my finished doily! Nearly forgot to show ...

I laid it out and tried to flatten it, but I really need to block it properly.  I think it's not too bad for a first attempt, but it won't be perfect of course.  The picots don't all seem to stand correctly. Maybe blocking properly would help but I'm just thrilled I even managed to do it and follow the pattern though!

And I also found this lovely pattern, although this won't be in use until I've improved ALOT in my skills.   You have to get these things when you see them though don't you.  (That's my excuse, so please agree with me and make me feel better about all these purchases! lol ).

So I think that's all for now.  Hopefully I'll get back to my stitching very soon, as I'd love to get that design finished and framed.  I just keep getting totally distracted by the crochet at the moment.

Take care everyone!



  1. Your crochet thread bargains are fab!! I wish I could display my yarn in a basket like that but one of our cats is OBSESSED with wool and he carries it off and "kills" it!!

    Your doily is fab, the picots would def lay correctly if you block, it can make such a difference - I just use a cork noticeboard, pin your item out and spray with water and let it dry - it's super easy.

    Don'y you just love mismatched china? I've been collecting a few bits from car boot sales lately and I love it!!

  2. great find with lots of yummy colours! and the doily looks beautiful, a very nice pattern

  3. Oh wow. Your doily is fantastic *claps* it is so pretty.
    Lovely stash and the handbags pattern is a great find.
    I love your plates,they are just the sort of patterns that my Grandma had on her delicate tea time plates,especially the one on its own.
    Thank you for your post on my blog x

  4. Those bargains are smashing and I love your doily.
    H x

  5. Lovely stash sis! And the plates are so pretty. I love buying plates. And yes you're right, you have to get things when you see them otherwise, it won't be available anymore and you'll feel awful not getting it.

    Hugs :-)


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