Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Blogger problems.

I was beginning to think it was a personal issue blogger had with me, as others seemed able to comment, while I couldn't, haha.

Thanks to Lesley (Home is where the heart is) all is now well and I am back!  Hugs Lesley! :)
On her advise I've changed my comments to the pop up window type, which should help anyone who had the same issues as me.
I've also had to use the name/url option to comment with, when the blog doesn't have the pop up window enabled. I got that tip off a lady called Annemarie who commented on Daffycats blog.

So hopefully all should now be well.



  1. Sis dear! Blogger.com is having problems these last few weeks. I hope they will upgrade their system.

    Missing you! :-)

  2. By the way, I hope all is fine on your side. I've sent you some more photos, did you receive them? I also sent an email to you I think last week. I'm worried about you sis...

  3. Hey Toni,
    I have now got the new photo's and email, thank you SO much!
    I had no internet for awhile again, but have had an engineer out and hopefully now it should all be solved!

    I can't comment on your blog though as you don't have the pop up window Lesley said about and also, your blog doesn't allow for the name/URL option. So at the moment I can't comment at all. :(

    Missing you as well, but will be in touch soon!

    Take lots of care and love to you all.
    x x x x

  4. That's strange sis, because as soon as I read Lesley's suggestion, I did change my comments setting to the pop up window option...

    Hugs :-)

  5. It's showing up as a pop up window to me now sis.

    Thankfully now though, I am back with you, able to comment again!!



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