Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Update and an idea!

We had a storm here last night. The dog hated it, but I plucked up the courage to watch it for a little while at the window and it was quite amazing.
I didn't stay too long though as I'm a bit uncomfy around them, probably due to my mum being struck by lightning. She was on the phone in her bedroom, near a window and the lightning actually knocked the phone out into the hallway! Scary!!

Anyway, the point of mentioning the storm was to say while it was going on, I took the opportunity to do a little more stitching and so have a small update to show.

You can't tell from these, but the little bead I used as a door handle is like a shiney browny, purply, goldy effect. It's quite pretty. :)

I've made a start on the top border, but I still have two more little flower type motifs to put at the bottom as well as the rest of the border and the two hearts I decided to add, to sew on.
This would actually be quite a quick stitch if you were able to sit at it for awhile and weren't using metallics! LOL.

No news with Steve's job but they did have something awful happen. There was a serious accident on Thursday and one of the men has lost his leg below the knee. Everyone's upset, so you can imagine things are not good.  Now all the investigations start. :(

I've been thinking about painting the kitchen. I feel like we really need a lift and the kitchen could do with brightening up, so I'm musing on the idea.  I don't think it would cost alot. We already have some paint, so I don't need to get much.
I'm thinking of a nice relaxing green to compliment all the creams and orangy/brown shades. I'm thinking of green on the cupboard doors as well. Keeping the border cream and adding green to the middle panel. Or I could leave the middle cream and paint the borders. I think I prefer the idea of painting the middle at the moment though.  Any thoughts?
Wall cupboards to show what I mean:

Tom has just started his synoptical at college (practical exams) so I can't see me getting him to paint at home as well right now, but maybe in June, while he's trying to sort out work, he might have some time to help me.
I'm thinking about it anyhow...

Have a good weekend everyone and take care!



  1. With faith.. is looking good. I love the little heart over the front door.
    To answer your question about my DMC box lid, I think I will do something stitching themed, like a needle,thimble, scissors etc
    I am very sorry to hear of the accident that happened at Steve's work.Hubby's company are investigating a fork lift truck accident at the moment, it affects everyone to a greater or lesser degree:(
    I think I would paint the panels of the kitchen doors green,a bolder statement than just painting the borders green.
    I am working up to painting our bedroom, but I have to be in the mood and that can hit me at any time..and go just as quickly!!! Good luck with your decorating.

  2. Green is a very uplifting colour. I would go for it.

  3. Hi sis,

    Sorry to hear about the accident.

    The "faith" is getting lovelier. I love the outcome of putting the bead on the door.

    Green is a relaxing and refreshing color, I would also go for it. At first I'm thinking of painting the border green, but since the overall is cream, yeah, I think green is better on the middle panel.

    Sorry I still haven't uploaded the photos that I promised you. Will try to do it this week then will send you an email. Missing you sis!



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