Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I've been afflicted ...

With serial startitus!!!

I don't know what's going on with me, I mean, yes, I've been known to have a project or three on the go at one time, but this is taking things to a whole new level!!

So I went away for a week with my family and we took my mum with us to give her a rest ... bad combination!! We were delighted to find some real bargains and there was just no stopping us!!
Well of course, once you have that lovely yarn in your hands, how can you resist???
I couldn't.

So here's a few pictures of my lovely yummy delights and a few also of what I've been doing with it as well.

2 balls of cotton for dish cloths, a 400g light brown aran that I want to do some wrist cuffs and things like that with, a chunky yarn, mix of grey, black and white to do some fingerless gloves for my eldest son and a really soft chunky blue yarn to use on my loom to see how it knitted up as a hat.

So here are the chunky fingerless gloves ... very cosy and warm.

The blue yarn on the loom.

Well at least I got that finished!!! lol

Here's the strange thing though. It appears a chunkier yarn than the first loom hat I made, but it isn't. I can tell by the stitches once I got it off. It's wonderfully soft though.

This yarn is absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with it and I don't generally pay much for yarn if I can help it but this was the exception.
Stylecraft Trendsetter chunky.

I couldn't resist buying it and I couldn't resist starting it either!!
Hopefully, if all goes well, this is a tee style jumper for me.

I couldn't leave these behind!! At 2 balls for £2 it would have just been a crime!!

And yes, I've started on these as well.
The red, green and brown are being turned into a set of apple coasters!! First one completed ...

I've got my eye on a few baby patterns for the pink and white as well but I'm trying to be strong and not go there yet!!

I started this as well. It's another tee style top for me, in a lovely teal yarn, although it's come out blue in the picture!! lol

Does anyone else use a yarn butler? I love mine!!

Hot off the hook, a little thread coaster sized doily. Not blocked yet as you can see. It looks real sorry for itself there, poor thing!!

A few little accessories found their way home with me as well. Some stitch markers, some yarn needles, 2 bargain packs of buttons for decoration (flower centre etc) at only £1 per bag and a crochet hook. It's a clover soft touch. I've never used one of these before, I tend to use metal or aluminium, so this is going to be quite exciting to try.

I also got two little knitting books.

I feel quite shocked myself looking at all this!! I'm SO bad!!

The holiday itself was lovely, although my mum overdid it a bit and did have a quite bad angina attack. She rested the next day though and has been fine since I'm glad to say!!

Hope you are all well.



  1. Hello Kim and thanks for your visit to my blog. It is nice to get away for a few days and I'm glad to hear your mum is okay after the scare she gave you.
    You have been wickedly naughty with your purchases,it is fun to be wicked once in a while.
    Those gloves for your son look lovely and cosy, nice job.
    I have never tried loom knitting, I have used a knitting nancy which I suppose is a smaller version of the same technique (just 4 pins on mine and it makes a cord) The loom hat looks splendid.
    I find Stylecraft yarns are great value for money, I am using their special double knit at the moment for the stripy crew I'm making for the baby.
    You found some real bargains with the yarn on your shopping trip.
    I have never heard of a yarn butler so I'm glad you posted a picture. I so have to get me one of those, such a great idea.
    I have one soft touch clover hook and I haven't used it yet. I bought it because I wanted a 3.25mm sized hook and clover seemed to be the only manufacturer making that size.
    thanks for sharing your crafty adventures today xx

    my blog : linda-dawn-designs.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I've been looking at those Stylecraft DK yarns Linda and funnily enough had decided to get some before we went away as I wanted to make a nice throw for the living room.
    However, we went on holiday and I used my money up, so I'll have to wait before getting any now, lol

    They look a very good price though. I've found them at £1.69 a ball and no postage if the order is over £25.
    So they are on my list!!

  3. Yes I have found them at this price too (wool warehouse)and there's such a wide range of colours to choose from :-)

  4. Wow! Kim - I love all your new yarns and accessories. I think it's ok to have Startitis - as long as some Finishitis shows up at the end. :)

  5. Haha, Debi, I hope it does!!!
    I am trying to hold myself back from starting something else as well at the moment, lol.


    Linda, yes, same place!! I was looking at Deramores, because they have really quick deliveries, but I think the price has gone up there.
    I've never tried this Wool Warehouse, but it looks ok.


  6. Lovely work Kim,I love your crocheted apple :-)
    Black Sheep Wools are having a clearance sale at the moment,some Rowan cotton pima DK for £1.75 each.
    Glad you had a good break and your mum recovered from overdoing it..I have a dad like that:-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog..i confess to having a few Classics downloaded too!!

  7. My dearest Sis Kim!

    So happy to see that you have a blog post. Love all your goodies and your pieces!

    I am still waiting for your email, hehehe! I hope all is well with you and your family and mum.

    I wasn't able to blog this week as it is really hectic here.

    Take care always Sis!

    Hugs and love,

  8. Oh I love all your purchases! I would not have been able to resist any of those lovely yarns either!

    I have never seen a yarn butler before, but it looks really neat. I also love the yarn that it on your yarn butler...such a lovely color.

    I am looking forward to watching the progress on all your lovely projects.

    Wishing you a most lovely day. :)

  9. Oh, lovely stash, yummy, yummy. I can't seem to have enough yarn either - but then who can? It is only that Stephen doesn't seem to understand… ;)

  10. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your comment for my latest post.I love the colours I have been using.I am using variegated threads on my next small project too:-)
    Have a good weekend

  11. hi kim, of all these things I loved those buttons! I want those ;)

  12. I must admit I like the way the 20ct is looking Kim,might try out a sampler type design on 20ct fabric:-)

  13. Thanks girls, I love reading your comments.

    Hope you all have a great day.



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