Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Can I blame Vikki???

In the nicest possible way of course!!!

I finished the thread doily I've been working on and looking at it's sadly crumpled state, decided to try to block it with pins and see how it turns out.  I need to find something to pin it to as well.

So off I went, onto Amazon to order the pins recommended by Vikki (Thank you!!! ) and before I knew it, I end up with not only the pins but 3 books on thread doilies in my basket as well!!! 
How did that happen????

I'm really looking forward to them arriving now but I guess it will be sometime next week as we're almost at the weekend already.
I'll  add a picture of the crumpled one to this post as well
It's looking VERY sorry for itself!!!




  1. Your doily is lovely.

    I am so glad you are going to be doing more doilies....they are always so much to hook.

    Blessings always

  2. I am so glad you have picked up thread and made a doily. Go ahead blame me all you want, but you know you enjoyed it!! Looking foward to seeing it blocked. ok now what books did you get? I am a hoarder of patterns. Now all we have to do is convince you to become a thready!!

  3. I think it looks very pretty:-)

  4. Thank you!!
    I hope it will look nicer once it's all straightened out and blocked.

    I bought three books, 99 little doilies, delightful doilies and coasters by the dozen.
    I'm hoping the coasters ones will give me some great ones I can do as sets to give people as presents.



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