Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New page and some bargains!!

So I'm starting to really get more into blogging again and I was thinking I might start to share more on here and not only crafts. I'm not sure yet. At any rate, I made another page on this blog which you'll be able to access from the tab at the top of this post.
My scribbles

It won't be updated regularly, it's more just something I'm just dabbling in and having a bit of fun with at the moment but you're all welcome to have a peek at anytime as long as you remember, I'm no artist, just someone having fun.
I'm not sure how this second page lark works, whether it appears to you as an update, just because you follow this blog or whether it's just there and you'll only ever know if you look. 
We'll just have to see what happens I guess. 

So today I had to take my youngest son to the orthodontist to have his braces tightened and me being me, I took the opportunity to drag him into some of the charity shops as well. 
Well I wanted to get him a little something because it's no fun is it, having them tightened.
That's my story anyhow and I'm sticking with it!! 

All went well, we got him a set of 4 books for 50p each and I was happy to get 2 books I wanted as well for £2.00

In one of the shops was a basket full of yarns!!! 
Of course, I was diving in that with no thoughts of ever coming up for air, lol
I was very restrained though as I'm saving my money really for our holiday coming up but I couldn't resist these two bargains.

Both bags have 8 x 50g balls in and were £4.00 a bag. For the UK, that's a good price!!

Just as we were making our way back to the car I happened to spy a tiny kitchen shop was having a closing down sale, so I dragged poor Joe in with me because for ages now I have wanted to get some little dessert forks for cake or pastries but the ones I was seeing weren't cheap and seeing as it was only a 'want' not something I really needed, I couldn't justify the prices.

So picture my joy as I found exactly what I'd been wanting, sat there, price slashed to £1.25 for 6!!!
I got 12 of them and 12 ice cream/ dessert spoons.

The irony of all this is that seeing as I'm on my diet right now I'm not really eating cake and ice creams so I won't get the pleasure of using these just yet, lol!! 



  1. Hi Kim. I think your 'scribbles' look very good - I can't even draw a straight line. Great deals on the yarn and books. You can use your new forks and spoons for veggies and yogurt. Have a great day. :)

    1. Thanks Debi
      I had fun drawing them but I know they're no art, lol.
      I would love to be a real artist though and able to truly capture what I see. What a gift that is.


  2. You got some great deals today! Like Debi , I cannot draw to save my life. So I am always impressed by those who can.

    1. Aww, thanks Lorri
      I think it must be amazing to be able to really draw though, like a real artist,

  3. Hello my dearest Sis!! It's so good to see you blogging. I lagged behind, as usual, busy at work and my mother in law passed away last month, we are so sad, so I was really don't feel like blogging. Actually, my post is supposed to be the update on my Madli shawl, it's finished, and I guess need to blog it soon so that you can see the finished piece.

    I miss you so much Sis, our exchanges of email...

    Take care always Sis!

    Hugs and lots of love,

    1. Oh Toni, I'm so, so sorry.
      I know how much you must all miss her.
      I'm sending you all lots of love and a massive hug.
      Hopefully you are comforted by our wonderful hope but it doesn't stop the hurt now.
      Thinking of you sis.
      I'm going away tomorrow but we must try and get our email sorted out once I get back

      Take care
      x x x x

  4. You got some nice deals. I like your drawings, especially the duck.

    1. Thanks Pam
      The duck was fun to do. I messed up the feet and the bubbles but it wasn't too bad in the end.



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